Supervisor's Toolkit

Supervisor's Toolkit

Talking tips for supervisors

If an employee violates the tobacco policy use the following strategies to address the problem.

  1. Meet in a private place to discuss the problem.
  2. Let the employee tell his/her side of story.
  3. Be respectful.  This change can be difficult for tobacco users.
  4. Clearly state that tobacco use on university property is prohibited.
  5. Help the employee develop an acceptable plan that takes all university policies into account. If the person must use tobacco during work hours, identify areas that tobacco products are permitted. If the employee wants to quit, make sure to tell the employee about all available resources.
  6. Summarize the meeting and expectations moving forward.
  7. To avoid future disciplinary problems, schedule a follow-up meeting to determine if the agreed-upon plan is working.  If is isn't, discuss alternative strategies.  

Frequently asked questions for supervisors

Who does the policy affect ?

The policy affects all ASU faculty, staff, students and visitors.

How should I communicate the policy to campus visitors?

First and foremost, remain respecful.  Because visitors are the most likely people to be unaware of ASU's tobacco-free policy,  educating them about the policy is important. Let visitors know ASU has adopted a tobacco-free policy to create a healthy environment for all of our community members. 

What should I do if I see someone smoking on university property?

If you observe policy violations, you can remind the person that ASU is a tobacco-free university and ask the individual to extinguish the cigarette/cigar material if you are comfortable doing so. If a staff member continues to violate the policy, you can report the location and time of the violation to the appropriate department supervisor.  Campus police will not be responsible for citing individuals for violating this policy.

How should I talk to employees about the policy?

Let all employees know about the planned changes in ASU’s tobacco policy as soon as possible, so they are well informed and prepared when the policy goes into effect on Aug. 1, 2013. ASU is changing its smoking policy to improve the health and well-being of all ASU community members. Supervisors should discuss this policy during  departmental meetings and include the information and resources on this website in any  departmental newsletter.

I supervise several employees who smoke.  how will they manage under the new policy? 

Employees may use any allotted work breaks to travel off-campus to smoke. However, employees will not be given additional break time for smoking.

How should I respond if an employee or student expresses interest in quitting smoking or other tobacco products?

If a university member expresses a desire to quit, let them know about the variety of campus and community resources.

Is there anywhere people can smoke at ASU?

 After Aug. 1, 2013, smoking will be prohibited on all ASU owned or leased property.

Will university parking structures and parking lots be tobacco-free?

Yes. All owned or leased university property is covered by the tobacco-free policy. Employees may only smoke in their private vehicles when they are not on university property.

What if my employees do not abide by the policy?

If you observe one of  your employees violating this policy, you are encouraged to remind the employee about ASU's tobacco-free policy and ask them to extinguish the cigarette/cigar material. If the employee continues to violate the policy, you make take disciplinary actions.


For more information about the ASU Tobacco-Free Initiative, please email