Quitting Resources: Students


86.4% of ASU students do not smoke cigarettes

92.1% of ASU students do not smoke tobacco using a hookah (water pipe).

Source: American College Health Association. American College Health Association-National College Health Assessment: Arizona State University Spring 2011. Baltimore: American College Health Association; 2011 (n=1,748).

Be a part of the 86.4% at ASU.


Prepare to be Tobacco-free

  • Make the decision to quit and stick to it
  • Set a quit date and make a plan
  • Select resources and choose quit aids
  • Plan how you will deal with withdrawal and relapse 
  • Maintain and enjoy a tobacco-free lifestyle

Campus quit partners

  • ASU Health Services: Meet with a provider and discuss a personalized cessation plan.
  • ASU Counseling Services: Staff are available to support you in making a decision to quit tobacco, identify what assistance you need to quit, explain on- and off-campus quit resources and connect you to these resources.

Community quit partners

  • ASHLine: Free web-based and telephone coaching support to help all Arizonans quit. 1-800-55-66-222
  • Tobacco Free Arizona Resources: Information, fact sheets, media resources and more for all Arizonans.
  • American Lung Association Freedom from Smoking Online: Online smoking cessation program.
  • BecomeAnEX:  The EX Plan is a free quit smoking program that helps you re-learn your life without cigarettes. 
  • IGNITE:  Whether you’re an advocate for wellness, believe in the right to smoke free air, or a tobacco user that wants to overcome addiction and breathe easier, IGNITE has the resources to assist you and can provide a place for your voice to be heard.  


Download state of the air app by the american lung association 

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For more information about the ASU Tobacco-Free Initiative, please email