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Please join us for a storytelling session on how our interdisciplinary team at ASU collaborated to solve a complex challenge.

For about three months, students, staff and faculty worked together to create a prediction model for COVID-19 severity in pediatric patients.

We will review our process and share our journey with you.

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Join the ASU Alumni Association every second Tuesday of the month as financial guru, Dr. Emily Schwartz of Midfirst Bank, tackles a variety of personal finance topics. The 12-month series will offer workshops on budgeting, managing debt, the psychology of spending, hobbies that won't break the bank and so much more! A full list of topics can be found on the registration site

For centuries, during the so-called Age of Discovery, the European maritime powers partitioned and asserted ownership over the homelands of Indigenous peoples worldwide according to which among them first sighted or set foot on a land previously unknown to Europe. This practice, known today as the Doctrine of Discovery, enabled Europeans to appropriate vast territories and build colonial empires. The Conquering Columbus webinar will describe the theory and historic process of the Doctrine of Discovery and consider how it instituted long-term negative impacts on Indigenous people.

This event brings together 10 multicultural faculty members of the Spanish and Portuguese section of the School of International Letters and Cultures, who from their own native and migrant perspectives – from regions such as the Andes (Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador), Mesoamerica (Mexico and Central America), the Iberic Peninsula (Spain and its regions), the South Cone (Argentina, Chile and Uruguay) and the US Southwest Borderlands) — bring to life poignant ideological, sociocultural, historic and scientific perspectives found in these vast regions.

January Contreras — “Building a Justice System Where No One is Left Behind” 

Wednesday, October 13 | 3–4:15 p.m. | Location: Bateman Physical Science Building - F Wing - Room 173 

Join us for the final event in our 2021 Seeking Justice in Arizona lecture series, “Building a Justice System Where No One is Left Behind.” The lecture will be given by January Contreras, Founder of Arizona Legal Women and Youth Services (ALWAYS).  

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