Experience the excitement of college life, learn from world renowned professors and explore your interests through ASU’s Summer Enrichment program.

  • Connect with other high school students from all over the state
  • Broaden your world view
  • Get hands-on lessons in a fun and challenging environment

Summer Enrichment Programs vary in length by department and topic. Some are one-day workshops while others are up to 4 weeks long. The majority run between 3-10 days. Within those days, programs may range from a few hours long to a full day. Residential programs, where students stay on campus overnight, are also available.

General information about the program

Eligibility varies by program. There are Summer Enrichment opportunities for students of all grade levels, from kindergarten through 12th grade. Individual programs will specify age requirements.

Costs vary by department or college. There are several programs that are grant-funded and free to students, others ask a small registration fee, usually $25-$100. Some longer and more technology intensive experiences cost anywhere between $100 and $1000.

Scholarships are offered by some departments and colleges for their programs. Barrett Summer Scholars and Camp Broadway are examples of two that offer need-based scholarships for students, but there are likely several others that do as well. Contact the department directly to learn about their scholarship opportunities.

Location of summer enrichment programs are on one of the ASU campuses: Polytechnic campus in Mesa, Tempe campus, Downtown campus, West campus in Glendale, and a few at ASU Skysong in Scottsdale.

Transportation to and from the campus is not provided. ASU is well-connected to the Valley’s public transit system. To explore transit options to and from ASU, please visit our Parking & Transit website

Lodging and food are provided only for programs that are designated as residential. Most experiences are half-day or day programs and do not offer lodging for students. Food may be provided at some of these programs – please contact the summer program coordinator for the particular program if you have questions.

The deadline to apply varies by program. Some have deadlines as early as March 1, while others do not have an application deadline at all. Review the program description to find details about the various program deadlines. This can link back to the page with all the programs.

Questions? For specific questions about a particular summer program, contact the coordinator listed in the program description. For general questions about Summer Enrichment Programs, please contact Collegiate Scholars at: collegiatescholars@asu.edu 480-965-6060