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Summer Experience at West 2021

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Join us for Summer Experience at West where students entering grades 9-12 in Fall 2021 will participate in unique, college-prep experiences! Participants will enjoy interactive activities that may include research, presentations, seminars, college-major explorations and panel discussions led by current ASU SPARKS students . Participants will also attend learning communities taught by ASU faculty in Neuroscience, Psychology & Law/Forensics, STEM/Physics, Cognition & Leadership, Nutrition & Health.

June 7, 2021 - June 10, 2021
Cost: $200

Priority deadline is April 30, 2021. 
Scholarships available. 
Minimum enrollment fee of $25. 

For questions about the program, please email SEW team at or call 480-727-8498.

Meet the ASU professor who launched Summer Experience at West

Over the past 32 years at ASU, Professor Jose E. Náñez became an advocate for students not only within the university but in the communities surrounding it.