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If you have questions for your student government, contact your local USG or GPSA at, or the Assistant Director of ASASU 

Below you will find your 2020-2021 elected student leaders:

USG Downtown

  • President: Nora Thompson
  • Vice President of Services: Monica Medina
  • Vice President of Policy: Renuka Vermuria
  • Senate President: Spencer McClure
  • Staff Advisors: Dr. Ben Davis and Dr. Jen O'Brien

USG Polytechnic

  • President: Troy Anderson
  • Vice President of Services: Hannah Stirewalt
  • Vice President of Policy: Brandon Dixon
  • Senate President: Gianelly Esquer
  • Staff Advisors: Dr. Regina Matos

USG Tempe

  • President: Jacqueline Palmer
  • Vice President of Services: Joshua Freid
  • Vice President of Policy: Kajol Kapadia
  • Senate President: Katherine Hostal
  • Staff Advisors: Elizabeth Rosenkrantz

USG West

  • President: Natalie Carranza
  • Vice President of Services: James Gary
  • Vice President of Policy: Elizabeth Chilton
  • Senate President: Bethany Rocha
  • Staff Advisors: Dr. Ron Hicks and Devon Mitchel


  • President: John Oyas
  • Vice President of Internal Affairs: Kylee Warke
  • Vice President of External Affairs: Nicole Mayberry
  • Vice President of Professional Development: Nivedita Mahesh
  • Assembly President: Brandon Favre
  • Staff Advisors: Dr. Chad Morgan