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If you have questions for your student government, contact your local USG or GPSA at

Below you will find your 2022-2023 elected student leaders:

USG Downtown

  • President: Evan Lis
  • Vice President of Services:  Dane Van Wagenen
  • Vice President of Policy:  Halah Berglin
  • Senate President:  Harrison Sears
  • Staff Advisors: Dean Lisa Joyner

USG Polytechnic

  • President: Cecilia Alcantar
  • Vice President of Services:  Jake Okun
  • Vice President of Policy:  Emanuella Ntim
  • Senate President:  Jessica Quesada
  • Staff Advisor:  Dean Lance Harrop and Dean Catherine LaRoche

USG Tempe

  • President:  Andrew Kalthoff
  • Vice President of Services:  Brooke Meier
  • Vice President of Policy:  Morgann Kelly
  • Senate President:  Samuel Vogel
  • Staff Advisor:  Dr. Cassandra Aska, Dr. Amy Golden, Andy Dolan

USG West

  • President:  Ally Hughes
  • Vice President of Services:  Alexis Blasko
  • Vice President of Policy:  Abigail Salman
  • Senate President:  Jessica-Lynn Pagliuca
  • Staff Advisors:  Dr. Regina Matos and Dr. Judith Robles


  • President: Florian A. Schneider
  • Vice President of Internal Affairs: Megan McCaughan
  • Vice President of External Affairs: Jamal Brooks-Hawkins
  • Vice President of Professional Development: Suli Adeniye
  • Vice President of Campus Engagement: Suryaprakash Salapathy
  • Assembly President: Farah Najar Arevalo
  • Staff Advisor: Dr. Jen O’Brien, Dr. Cassandra Aska