Rates and Procedure

Student Pavilion Reservation Guidelines

Review the Student Pavilion meeting room practices and procedures before you plan your event.


  1. In order to schedule staff effectively final details for events with large, elaborate or unusual sets must be received a minimum of 2 weeks prior
  2. A Special Event Registry must be submitted 30 days prior to an event date if the event is considered a “special event.” Additional permits may be required based on the event details.

  3. The Student Pavilion may only be reserved by officers of a currently registered student organization to host events for current ASU students or a combination of current ASU students and current students at other higher education institutions. A guest list with affiliation will be required for all events hosted in the Student Pavilion.

  4. Reservations for recurring meetings will not be accepted.

  5. Student Organizations may not reserve space for other organizations for the purpose of securing lower room rental rates and/or bypassing procedures. The organization or individual named on the reservation is the Client and is solely responsible for communicating with Event and Meeting Services and initiating, planning, implementing, attending and financing the event in coordination with Event and Meeting Services.

    • The event must be requested by the Student Organization who will be responsible for the event.
    • The Client named on the reservation must be present at all required pre-event and planning meetings leading up to the event.
    • The name of the registered student organization hosting the event must be prominently displayed on all marketing materials.
    • The Client or representatives from the organization must be on site during the event.
    • The Client is responsible for paying all rental and support service fees resulting from the event. 
    • Clients may not sublet or in any way reserve space on behalf of another group.
    • Clients found to be misrepresenting their event may lose reservation privileges.


  6. Organizations may hold up to 3 dates per event.  An organization may have holds for up to 5 events per academic year.

  7. Organizations will be allowed to hold two (2) dates for the same event while in the planning process. Depending on the size of the room(s) and the demand for space, clients will only be permitted to retain holds for a maximum of two (2) weeks.  

  8. The Student Pavilion reserves the right to change location and/or cancel an event or meeting when necessary.  Every effort will be made to notify the client in advance and to accommodate the client in an alternate location. 

  9. The Student Pavilion does not accept reservations from any organization with outstanding payments due to ASU. Organizations with outstanding payments will not be able to reserve space and any current or pending reservations will be subject to cancellation if any payments are deemed to be in a delinquent status.

  10. The pre-function space can only be reserved with a reservation for the event space.  If the event space is split into multiple events then the pre-function space priority will be given to the largest event.

  11. Student Organizations hosting a major event will have additional requirements and deadlines.

    Conditions of Use

  12. In order to accommodate as many clients as possible, the Student Pavilion reserves rooms based on maximum seating capabilities, individual event need and the information provided by the organization submitting the request. Room charges will be incurred for clients when event attendance does not utilize the room effectively or if it is determined that the reserved space was not used according to the purpose it was reserved.

  13. Rooms/spaces must be left clean, free of damage and in the set-up reserved. Clients are prohibited from moving or rearranging any pre-set the furniture and will be assessed a fee if the set-up is changed. If damage occurs in a room and/or if there is a loss of equipment, the responsible group/party will be assessed the full replacement/repair costs. Any group leaving an excessive amount of materials or trash will be assessed a minimum fee of $100 for clean-up. This includes decorations, catering items, etc. Additionally, any labor deemed necessary to return a venue to its original state after the conclusion of an event will be assessed and charged to the reserving organization.

  14. Clients are responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable fire codes.  Designated maximum capacity for any event will not be exceeded at any time. Exit aisles, staircases, fire alarm systems and emergency exits may not be blocked at any time. 

  15. The Student Pavilion is designated a public venue, as such, all movies shown must have copyright approval.

    Film, Photography & Videography 

  16. Filming (which includes photo, motion picture, video recording, or written or spoken statements) requires advance approval by ASU and must comply with ASU's Filming policy.  Additional resources can be found at ASU Filming and Photography.

  17. Whether to permit photography, visual recording, and/or audio recording in any ASU event space is at the discretion of the client, who may determine whether to permit recording at the event. ASU encourages clients who want to restrict recording at their event to post notice of this restriction outside of the event space where the notice can be clearly observed upon entrance as well as inside the event space and, where appropriate, to announce restrictions at the beginning of any event. 

  18. Current ASU students may request to film in the Memorial Union or Student Pavilion for class projects, but must request permission/approval prior to filming.  Student Filming application and resources can be found here

    Set Up Time, Rehearsals and Inclement Weather

  19. Clients may proactively request an additional venue in the event of inclement weather. Rooms held as a backup, cancelled 48 business days prior will not be assessed a fee. Any additional room requested the day of an event in response to inclement weather will be assessed the appropriate labor charge associated with setting the room.

  20. Due to the high demand for space, requests for rehearsal times and client set-up are limited to two (2) hours at a time convenient to the operation of the Memorial Union. Requests for additional time will be reserved if available.  Requests for an additional two (2) to four (4) hours may incur a partial rental fee.  

    Catering and Food

  21. The Student Pavilion has an in-house catering service. No other off-site companies may cater in the building. All catering must be set up inside the reserved space. Food buffets are not permitted in the hallways. For additional information regarding the University’s guidelines pertaining to food and catering at events please visit Food Safety and Health

  22. All Catering within the Student Pavilion Must be certified Zero Waste. Hosting a Zero Waste event minimizes landfill waste and demonstrates a commitment to ASU's Zero Waste goal. To help you, and your event achieve this goal, the Student Pavilion provides recycling and compost bins in every room. We also work closely with Sun Devil Catering to ensure all of your catering needs are Zero Waste certified. Please download these Student Pavilion Event: Zero Waste Talking Points for use at your event to engage and inform your guests and visit: Zero Waste at ASU
    Complete the Green Event Certification and get special recognition from the University Sustainability Practices Office.

    Audio Visual

  23. The Pavilion is equipped with a wide variety of AV as part of its standard set-up.  Work with Event and Meeting Services to determine what equipment will fit your needs.  Events requiring a more elaborate set-up that may require technical support should make an appointment with the PAB Production  team to support their event, please email .

  24. Any events taking place in Senita Ballroom should consult with the PAB Production team on the second floor of the Pavilion to confirm their needs for production equipment.  All other event pricing can be found below.

    Audio/Visual Equipment Fees

    Student Organization

    Flip Chart w/Pens


    Stage Build (custom)




  25. Groups requesting storage of materials will be required to reserve a room if available and pay the appropriate room charge. Groups storing more than a few items will be required to reserve a room if available and pay the appropriate room charge. The Student Pavilion cannot accept drop and go shipments; delivery companies must deliver to the reserved room. The Student Pavilion does not facilitate outgoing shipments. Clients hosting events with a large volume of shipments may be required to work with ASU Mail Services or an off-campus expo company. Clients needing to unload items at the Student Pavilion may check out a loading pass for a 40-minute load in and load out at the Memorial Union dock. 

  26. Arrangements for visitor parking in campus structures or lots must be made with Parking and Transit Services, (480)965-6406.  The Student Pavilion does not have any control of the parking availability or charges and is not able to validate parking.


  27. Signage and décor must be free standing or placed on tabletops. Items are not permitted to be taped or attached to any walls, windows, doors etc. of the room/building. Post-it style, self-adhesive note pad paper may be used on the blank walls inside the meeting rooms. Limited signage may be placed in areas pre-approved by Student Pavilion staff and must stand on its own or be placed on an approved sign holder.

  28. The use of glitter and confetti and lit candles is prohibited in the Student Pavilion.

  29. Displays, sales, exhibits, vendor information and other activity may take place inside meeting rooms only, for the duration of the event.

  30. Balloons are permitted if they are permanently affixed to a display/mount.  The client is responsible for removing and disposing of all balloons after an event.  If helium balloons are released for any reason within the facility, labor costs associated with the removal of the balloons will be charged to the client. (labor, lift, etc.) Balloons are prohibited in the lobby.

    Cancellations and No Shows

  31. 30 days’ notice is required for cancellation of reservations for any section of Senita Ballroom. Cancellations received after that time will be subject to a percentage fee of the applicable category room charge as follows: 15 to 30 days - 50%, 8 to 14 days - 75%, 0 to 7 days - 100%. Fees apply regardless of the time the initial booking was made.

  32. Three (3) full working days’ notice is required for cancellation of reservations in conference rooms. Cancellations received after that time will be subject to a $50 late cancellation fee per conference room reserved.

  33. No shows and underutilization of room capacities are subject to a full room charge of the applicable rate category.  

    Late Requests

  34. A minimum of ten (10) business days is required to reserve a ballroom and other large and/or outdoor programming spaces. A minimum of seven (7) business days is required for conference rooms. Details for large, elaborate or unusual sets must be received a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the event date in order to be accommodated. 

  35. Late requests for ballrooms and other large programming spaces will incur a late fee equal to the rate associated with the appropriate Category Schedule. Late requests for conference rooms will incur a $50 late request fee per room. Requests received with less than three (3) days’ notice may not be able to be accommodated. 

  36. Accommodated changes (major or extensive) requested less than seven (7) working days prior to the event will incur a charge of $50 per request. Accommodated late requests to existing reservations made day of or less than one (1) working days’ notice will be incur a charge of $100 per request.

  37. Final event details should be received seven (7) business days prior to the scheduled event. Additional requests after this deadline cannot be guaranteed.

    Pavilion Fee Structure

  38. All registered student organizations are EXEMPT from meeting room charges EXCEPT when there is a registration fee, conference fee, admission charge, required donation or any other type of fee required from those participating in the event including sponsors and exhibitors.  75% of the attendees must be current ASU students or a combination of current ASU or other higher ed students or a room charge will apply.

    Updated Pricing Effective July 1, 2023



    Student Organizations

    Senita Ballroom



    Senita A



    Senita B



      Senita C



     Senita B&C



    Abandoned Property

  39. Any property not claimed within 48 hours following the conclusion of an event/meeting will be considered abandoned by the reserving group and/or individual. The Student Pavilion may dispose of the items at their discretion. The reserving group and/or individual shall be liable for any cost incurred in disposing of the abandoned property.

    Academic Classes

  40. Academic classes are not permitted to reserve or hold class sessions in the Student Pavilion ballrooms or conference rooms.

    Service Animals

  41. Individuals with disabilities may be accompanied by their service animals on all ASU campuses where members of the public or participants in services, programs, or activities are allowed access. Individuals with disabilities are responsible for their service animal and the university may exclude service animals under certain circumstances. 

    By law, a service animal means any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability. Other species of animals, whether wild or domestic, trained or untrained, are not considered service animals. See Student Services Manual SSM 701-06 for additional information. 

    Emotional Support animals, comfort animals and therapy dogs are not considered service animals and are not permitted in the Student Unions. 


  42. Fronting is not permitted and is defined as an eligible University student organization reserving space for another person and/or group in an attempt to avoid required monetary or other contractual obligations. This includes hiding or intentionally concealing the identity of the true client due to non-eligibility for use of facilities. Organizations found to be fronting will be charged the maximum applicable rate and subject to the loss of reservation privileges.

    Extension of Building Hours

  43. The Student Union and Center facilities maintain regular hours of operation during the academic year and operate under adjusted hours during spring, summer, and winter breaks.  Memorial Union building hours may be extended to accommodate events at a fee of $150 per hour with a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice and Memorial Union staff approval.

    Disruptive, Threatening or Violent Behavior

  44. Students, faculty, staff, and other individuals do not have an unqualified right of access to university grounds, property, or services. Guests who are disruptive will be asked to leave the facility. Interfering with the peaceful conduct of university-related business or activities or remaining on campus grounds after a request to leave may be considered a crime. For more information, see Student Services Manual SSM-104-02.

    Lost and Found

  45. Student Unions and Centers buildings are not responsible for lost, found, or damaged articles belonging to individuals and/or organizations using the building or for lost or found items on campus. Items found in the Student Pavilion will be returned to the Memorial Union Information Desk. 

    Gambling and Raffles

  46. Gambling is prohibited and ASU departments and administrative units are not permitted to conduct raffles. For information pertaining to conditions under which organizations can conduct raffles visit Office of General Counsel.  

    Banned Items and Activities

  47. Illegal drugs, firearms, and gambling in any form are prohibited in Student Unions and Centers. Roller blades, roller skates, skateboards, bicycles, scooters, and the use of those items within Student Unions and Centers are prohibited.
    Use of candles and incense is prohibited, except for ceremonial purposes and only upon approval of the Student Unions and Centers Administration at the appropriate location and receipt of a permit from ASU Environmental Health & Safety. For more information, see Student Services Manual SSM-801-01.


  48. An alcohol permit is required to serve alcohol on campus. The forms are available on the ASU Police and must be submitted to the Director of the Memorial Union at least 3 weeks prior to the event. Cash bars and off-campus events with charges will not be approved.  

    Alcohol may be served or consumed only at designated special events as authorized by Arizona Board of Regents’ policy 5-108(A)(4), “Sale and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages on Campus” and Student Services Manual SSM 106–03.


  49. Smoking, defined as the burning of, inhaling from, exhaling the smoke from, the possession of a lighted cigar, cigarette, pipe, hookah, water pipes or any other matter or substance which contains tobacco or any other matter that can be smoked, or inhaling or exhaling of smoke or vapor from an electronic smoking device is prohibited in the facility.

    Electronic smoking devices are defined as devices that simulate smoke through inhalation of vapor or aerosol from the device, including e-cigarettes, e-cigars, e-pipes, vape pens, and all forms of smoking tobacco. For more information, see Policy ACD804.