The scholarship was established to provide scholarship support to deserving ASU students of Iranian-American or Persian heritage or heritage of the country of Iran and who are U.S. citizens. For more information, click here.

Clara de Escudero Scholarship
Established in 1980, the Clara de Escudero Scholarship endowment recognizes an eligible ASU student with financial need who demonstrates leadership and involvement at the All Saints Newman Center.

LGBT Devils' Pride Community Leadership Scholarship

The special interest chapter of the ASU Alumni Association offers scholarships annually for the advancement of LGBTQIA students at Arizona State University. For more information, click here.

Mark Bowland Leadership Fund
The Mark Bowland Leadership Fund has been established to honor the life of Mark Bowland, a College of Nursing graduate at Arizona State University, class of 1996. This award recognizes the contributions of undergraduate LGBTQA student leaders and the indelible impact that their efforts have on the present and future.

The John E. and Sarah M. Shea Family Scholarship was established in 1984 for continuing ASU students who are active in the All Saints Newman Center on campus.

Academic Resources

Academic Writing Coach for International Students
ASU’s Academic Writing Coach services are designed to help improve ASU international students’ writing skills. Intensive tutoring for writing assignments, thesis or dissertation is available. Students can also receive help in creating a structured approach to writing assignments for meeting goals and deadlines. For details, visit the website.

First Year Success Coach
The transition to university can be a big change- new place, new people and new adjustments. The First-Year Success Center can help with these new changes by pairing freshmen with a designated coach who has experience in navigating university life. Coaches can provide support in areas such as academic skills, personal matters and transitioning to ASU overall, while connecting freshmen with important university resources. To find out who your coach is, contact the First-Year Success Center at 480-965-3289, email the First Year Success Center at or visit the website.

Conversation Groups for International Students
Designed for international students at ASU to help improve academic and non-academic English skills, these groups will give you the opportunity to discuss a range of topics from interactions with professors to everyday conversation skills. Groups will meet once a week for the approximately six weeks in a designated area at a designated time with their American instructors. Register here or contact Bob Schoenfeld with any questions.

LGBTQIA Resources
ASU strives to foster an inclusive and affirming academic and campus environment for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, questioning, intersex, and ally community. Students can engage and connect through educational opportunities, advocacy, and programming, within the LGBTQIA community to thrive at ASU and beyond. Learn more about ASU’s LGBTQIA Services.

Safezone workshops were designed to increase the overall campus community's understanding and awareness of issues faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, and other marginalized persons. SafeZONE was created to provide a more inclusive and accepting campus climate. The Safezone workshop introduces participants to the LGBTQIA communities at ASU and explores what it means to be an ally.

Social Justice Initiative
ASU’s Social Justice initiative, creates a culture of consciousness, provide intellectual activities, and serve as a champion for social justice causes that will have an impact locally, nationally, and internationally. For more information contact

Inter-faith Initiative
Interfaith service mobilizes college students from across the university America to voice their values, engage with others, and act together to make the world a better place for everyone. Through Sun Devils are Better Together Interfaith brings students together to tackle social challenges as a community. For more information contact

Other Resources

Obama Scholars Mentor Program
ASU is proud to promote equal access to education for all Arizonans through programs like the President Barack Obama Scholars. Obama Scholars Mentor Program provides intentional support so these scholars can be successful, build better communities and create positive change.

Airport Pick-up for International Students
Receive a Sun Devil welcome upon arrival to Phoenix. International Student Engagement offers airport pick-ups for new international students arriving up to 30 days prior to the start of classes. For more information email

International Student E-Newsletter
The International Student electronic newsletter is a weekly bulletin delivered to subscribers via e-mail. The newsletter promotes campus and community events that engage students in spirit, pride, tradition, and academic and career preparedness. To post an announcement for the newsletter, submit your event or news to