Celebrate Culture

Celebrate Culture

Where are you from? What traditions have been celebrated in your cultural history? What is your cultural heritage? How has your heritage defined who you are? What strengths does your background give you in your career choice? ASU community is rich in many cultural, social and global traditions and students have many opportunities to create and celebrate their culture.

Heritage and Cultural Celebrations

Spiritual Wellness, Interfaith, and Mindfulness

Throughout the year, the concepts of Spiritual Wellness, Interfaith Dialogue and Mindfulness permeate a student’s daily life. Individual and Community opportunities for engagement around these topics exist and are plentiful so please take advantage by clicking the links below for more information and for a schedule of activities. 

Special Interest Convocations

The Special Interest Convocations bring together graduating students, families, friends, faculty and staff as a community to celebrate student achievements. The community experience sets the stage for individual recognition and observes unique cultural traditions.

Special Interest Convocations are sponsored by Student and Cultural Engagement, American Indian Support Services, the Office of Public Affairs, and respective committees comprised of students, faculty, and staff. Make your reservation TODAY!