Build community

Build community

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Create a strong community

Each student contributes valuable personal heritage, values and beliefs to the ASU community. Join fellow student leaders and help increase awareness and appreciation for the rich diversity of each Sun Devil. Gain intensive leadership development and be a part of developing student conferences, institutes and workshops and early start summer programs.

Students at ASU have great opportunities to lead. The Council of Coalitions is one such opportunity. The vision of Council of Coalitions is to ensure Arizona State University is a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive community that respects and honors all cultures and identities.

Through campus events and community involvement, the Council of Coalitions’ mission is to advocate for underrepresented student identities within the university by connecting them to resources, communities and opportunities that foster individual growth and positive change through uplifting the voice of their communities in an effort to strengthen their presence at Arizona State University.  The vision and mission shall be enacted through community, growth, resilience, understanding, and passion.

Explore the seven coalitions below and the student-led initiatives located on this page to learn how about impactful communities at Arizona State University.



Asian/Asian Pacific American Student Coalition American Indian Council Black African Coalition Coalition of International Students El Concilio Rainbow Coalition Women’s Coalition


MEN Community

Male Empowerment Network (MEN)

Student-led initiative that aims to increase retention and graduation rates among men of color by fostering academic excellence and personal and professional engagement.

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Interfaith Community

Interfaith Student Council

Interfaith Student Council aims to create a space for all worldviews, faiths and spiritualities to come together in collaboration and harmony at ASU.

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Leadership Community

Global Leadership Academy

Join fellow student leaders and help increase awareness and appreciation for the rich diversity of each Sun Devil by developing global minded leadership.

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