Because all women have the capability to be powerful.


Personal, academic and career success takes PowHER! That’s right, Pow-HER because all women have the capability to be powerful. In the workplace, at the university, in their family, and long into the future women can bring power to any environment.

The PowHer Women's Leadership Conference aims to empower women in areas that affect so many of us in today's society. Our goal is to provide skills and education that encompasses a wide variety of inclusive topics that are influential in every college woman’s life as a student at Arizona State University and beyond. The skills, knowledge, and connections that women develop here are meant to last a lifetime. We aim to empower these young women so that they can not only positively impact their immediate communities, but the communities they will encounter and create throughout their lifetimes. The theme for 2021 is "I’m Speaking", which concentrates on prioritizing, listening to, and uplifting women's voices, ideas, thoughts, and creations--because they are worthy and important, despite what has been told to women across space and time.

In the last six years, over 1100 women have attended the PowHER Women’s Leadership Conference at ASU. Last year the event was online, but we are happy to announce that this year we will be back in person! In the past speakers have discussed topics such as, career development and networking, leadership development, work-life balance, body positivity and confidence, and communication skills for women in collegiate, professional, personal, and community settings. We hope that every PowHER Women's Leadership Conference attendee has left feeling empowered and inspired to be the next generation of strong women leaders needed today and in the future, and we will continue to build that future one conference and woman at a time.

Join us for the 7th annual PowHER Women's Leadership Conference on October 23rd, 2021 in person at Memorial Union.

Register Here. Registration is open and will be till October 20th, 2021 at 11:59p.m.


For questions about PowHER or information on getting involved with the conference, contact Mallory.

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