Because all women have the capability to be powerful.

Personal, academic and career success takes PowHER! That’s right, Pow-HER because all women have the capability to be powerful. In their workplace, at the university, in their family, and long into the future women can bring power to any environment.

From leadership development to networking and work/life balance, the PowHer conference aims to empower women in areas that affect so many of us in today's society. It is our goal to encompass a wide variety of topics that are influential in every college woman’s life both as a student at Arizona State University and beyond.

In the last 3 years over 750 women have attended the PowHER women’s conference @ASU! Speakers have touched on topics like career development, leadership development, body acceptance & confidence, and communication skills for women in collegiate, professional and personal or community roles. Conference attendees have left feeling empowered and inspired to be the strong women leaders needed today and in the future.

Save the date and make sure to join us for the 4th annual PowHER conference on October 21, 2018.
Registration will open through October 16 at 11:59 p.m. via www.bit.ly/registerpowher18.

Questions about PowHER?

Interested in getting involved with the conference, becoming a breakout session speaker or participating in the networking session? Contact Nithya at dowl.pha.asu@gmail.com.