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Who Can Request a Room

  • ASU departments may request space at any time throughout the year.
  • Student organizations registered with the Student Organization Office can request space at any time during the current academic year.

Student Union Rates and Policies

Room charges apply to registered student organizations and Arizona State University departments only when there is a registration fee, admission charge, required donation or other type of fee charged to anyone attending the event or when 50% of the attendees are not affiliated with ASU, another institution of higher education or a P-12 educational institution sponsored visit. Room and equipment charges always apply to off-campus clients.

Reservation Rates and Fees


Reservations for events and meetings in the Student Union can be made by completing the Student Union Reservation Form. For more information on reservation you may contact us in one of the following ways:

  • Phone at 480-727-1098.
  • Visit the Information Desk of the Student Union.
  • Click here to view a calendar of current events
  • Click here to view our Setup Styles and Capacity

Room charges apply to registered student organizations and Arizona State University departments only when there is a registration fee, admission charge, required donation or other type of fee charged to anyone attending the event.


  1. Academic Departments and Student Organizations may book an event up to one (1) year in advance. All requests for reserving space after one (1) months will be considered on a case by case basis.

  2. Off-campus groups that are affiliated with an on-campus department or student organization may utilize the Student Union when school is in session by obtaining co-sponsorship. By co-sponsoring the event the department or organization assumes responsibility for any financial obligations from the event. A letter is required from the department head or organization president and advisor stating how the event furthers the mission of the organization and/or Arizona State University. At least one member of the department or organization must be in attendance at the event.

  3. Third party clients not co-sponsored by an ASU entity will be required to supply a certificate of insurance and endorsement with the coverage amounts specified by ASU insurance department.

  4. Room charges will be added to all reservations for conferences, cultural performances, tournaments, fundraisers and all events where a fee could potentially be charged to guests and or recruiters/exhibitors. The room charges may be waived upon receipt of a program prior to the event date showing that there is no registration fee, ticket charge, required donation, or other payment to attend the event. Clients must pre-sell tickets; ticket sales are not allowed at the door. The Student Union reserves the right to verify attendee affiliation by requesting copies of the registration list, guest list or by checking guest identification to ensure adherence to this policy.

  5. Clients will be allowed to hold two (2) dates for the same event while in the planning process. Depending on the size of the room(s) and the demand for space, clients will be asked to release one date within the two (2) month period preceding the event.

  6. The Student Union reserves the right to change location and/or cancel an event or meeting when necessary. Every effort will be made to notify the client in advance and to accommodate the client in an alternate location.

  7. The Student Union does not accept reservations from any organization with outstanding payments due to ASU.

Conditions of Use

  1. In order to accommodate as many clients as possible the Student Union books rooms based on the maximum seating capacity. A room charge will apply to reservations for rooms that are larger than estimated attendance requires. The Student Union reserves the right to assess a room charge to clients whose estimated attendance does not utilize the room effectively or whose count drops below the requested room size.
  2. Clients holding large events or events that require a large, detailed or unusual set will be required to meet with a member of the Student Union staff a minimum of two weeks prior to the event to ensure clients are aware of all policies for use of space. At least one person who will be responsible for and at the event will need to attend.

  3. Special events need to register with the University by submitting the Event Registration Form. Additional permits may be required based on the event details submitted on this form.

  4. Student Union building hours may be extended to accommodate events at a fee of $25 per hour with a minimum of 2 weeks notice and Union staff approval.

  5. Rooms/spaces must be left clean, free of damage and in the set-up reserved. Clients are prohibited from re-arranging the furniture and will be assessed a fee if the set-up is changed. If damage occurs in a room and/or there is a loss of equipment, the responsible group/party will be assessed a fee reflective of the cost for replacement/repair.

  6. Any group leaving an excessive amount of materials or trash will be assessed a minimum fee of $25 for clean-up. This includes any pick-up/drop-off catering menu items.

  7. Charges will apply for changes to the room during the event, unusual room setups, extensive staging and other requests that incur additional labor.

  8. Five (5) days' notice is required for cancellation of reservations for the Full and Double Cooley Ballroom setups. Cancellations received after that time and no shows will be subject to a percentage fee of the applicable category room charge as follows: 3 to 4 days - 50%,  2 days - 75%, 0 to 1 days - 100%.

  9. The Student Union is designated a public venue. As such, all movies shown must have copyright approval

Catering and Food Policies

  1. The Student Union has an in-house catering service. No other off-site companies may cater in the building. All catering must be set up inside the reserved space.

  2. An alcohol permit is required to serve alcohol on campus. The forms are available on the ASU Police website, https://cfo.asu.edu/police-forms and must be submitted to the Coordinator of the Student Union at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

  3. A Food Exception Request must be submitted to the Student Union if a Special Menu items that cannot be provided by ASU Catering or Approved Food Providers List or if there is a giveaway of food/beverage items at your event. Please forward Food Exception Request a minimum of 14 days prior to the event date. ASU representatives will review the request for final approval. Your event cannot take place without an approved Food Exception Request which must be displayed at the event.

  4. Businesses interested in providing food for events on the ASU campuses must be on the Approved Food Providers List. If interested in becoming an approved food provider please submit the application.


  1. Groups requesting storage of materials prior to an event will be charged a fee of $4/box each day that they are stored within the Student Union. Groups storing more than a few items will be required to reserve a room if available and pay the appropriate room charge. The Student Union cannot accept drop and go shipments; delivery companies must deliver to the reserved room. The Student Union does not facilitate outgoing shipments. Clients hosting events with a large volume of shipments may be required to work with ASU Mail Services or an off-campus expo company.

  2. Clients needing to unload items at the loading dock will need to purchase a mall pass from Parking and Transit Services. Arrangements for visitor parking in campus lots must be made with Parking and Transit Services, (480)727-1604. The Student Union does not have any control of the parking availability or charges.


  1. Signage and décor must be free standing or placed on tabletops. Items are not permitted to be taped or attached to any walls, windows, doors etc. of the room/building. Post-it style, self-adhesive note pad paper may be used on the blank walls inside the meeting rooms. Limited signage may be placed in areas pre-approved by Student Union staff and must stand on its own or be placed on an approved sign holder.

  2. The use of glitter, confetti, and lit candles are prohibited in the Student Union.

  3. Displays, sales, exhibits, vendor information and other activity may take place inside meeting rooms only, for the duration of the event.

Cancellations and No Shows

  1. Two (2) full working days notice is required for cancellation of reservations, excluding those covered by other policies. Cancellations received after that time will be subject to a $20 late cancellation fee. Cancellations received after that time and no shows will be subject to a $30 late
    cancellation fee.

  2. All requests for rooms, equipment and/or set-up made with less than two (2) full working days will be charged a $25 fee per request.

  3. Any major change or cancellation to a series reservation will be assessed a $25 fee.

Updated 05/2019