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Peace Corps is an international service organization of the United States. Volunteers make a difference through meaningful service that tackles the most pressing needs of people around the world and develop cross cultural, leadership, language, teaching and community development skills. Global contributions can be made in areas including education, health, business development, information and communications, technology, youth and community development and agriculture. Corps members serve in more than 70 countries including Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, South America, Europe, the Pacific Islands and the Middle East.

Meet the recruiter

Danae Bell brings extensive experience and academic achievement to her role as the Coordinator of National and Global Service Careers at ASU. Holding a Master's degree in Global Management with a specialization in Digital Audience Strategies from Thunderbird School of Global Management, complementing with two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Media and Communication Studies and Cultural Anthropology.

Throughout her professional rollercoaster, Danae has consistently committed to service and empowerment. From supporting art non-profits, to assisting in documentary filmmaking, and creating tailored media content for international students, her work reflects a commitment to uplifting vulnerable and culturally diverse populations.

Danae's dedication to service extends beyond borders, as evidenced by her service in the Peace Corps, where she volunteered in the Youth in Development sector in Thailand. This experience embedded in her a deep understanding of grassroots development and the transformative power of service-oriented initiatives.

Passionate about leveraging her expertise in media and marketing, coupled with her innate desire to serve others, Danae is eager to elevate student awareness of service opportunities and their potential career benefits. She looks forward to engaging with students, fostering a culture of service, and guiding them toward creating a social impact within their career aspirations.





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