Discuss Risky Situations

Risky Situations to Discuss

It is important to know how to navigate the various risky behaviors that students may encounter during their college years. ASU provides educational opportunities to promote healthy choices and behaviors. Engaging in a discussion with your student about risky situations can help support their decision-making process.

  • Many students choose not to drink alcohol in college (41% of ASU students make this choice). What are some social and activity outlets you can tap into when you choose not to drink?
  • How will you decide whether to drink or not?  What will guide your decision? 
  • Alcohol poisoning is a medical emergency. Do you feel you could be the one who calls 9-1-1 if a friend or another student has passed out from alcohol or other drugs?
  • Have you completed the Community of Care modules?  What did you think of the training?  How will you make sure you comply with ASU policies?
  • Do you know the consequences if you use alcohol or other drugs illegally?  How would it affect your ability to pursue your chosen career path?
  • Alcohol is the drug most commonly used to facility sexual assault.  How will you help contribute to your own personal safety and that of your friends?