Discuss Intimate Relationships

Intimate Relationships

There are many misperceptions about sexuality and intimacy.  For example, most ASU students had either one (52%) or no (28.0%) sexual partners in the past year, yet many students think that everyone is sexually active. Strive to communicate openly about healthy sexuality and relationships. Arm your students with information to make the best decisions for themselves.

  • What characteristics do you appreciate in a partner or relationship?
  • What kind of partner do you want to be?
  • Have you thought about your values and boundaries regarding sex? What have been your best ways to communicate these in intimate situations?
  • How have you been most successful at starting a conversation about someone else’s boundaries and values about intimacy?
  • Where do you get your information about sexual intimacy and protection?
  • Breaking up is hard on each person in differing ways. What has helped you in the past to overcome strong emotions from a relationship ending?  Who have you leaned on for support? What would you do in your current situation?
  • Consent is critical in all sexual situations. How do you ensure that you and your partners are agreeing freely to engage in any acts of sex?