Discuss Friends and Roommates

Friends and Roommates

There are many opportunities to form new relationships in college.  Some people seem to get along with each other naturally, whereas others have to work a little harder at the challenges to their relationship.  You can be a strong support for your students as they navigate relationship challenges.

  • Your friend / roommate did something you did not like. How would you like your friend to handle a similar situation if the roles were reversed?
  • What actions can you take to help make the situation better?
  • Have you talked with your friend/roommate about this concern? How would you like to start that conversation?
  • Sometimes friends behave in ways that worry us. Have you talked with a counselor or mentor to consider how you might approach this concern with your friend?
  • What are you and your friends planning to do (or what did you do) over the weekend to get out and enjoy the _______ (city, sites, outdoors, etc.)
  • Who all did you meet at the ____________?  What do you like about them?  What interests do you share?