Event Support

Event Support

Movie Rentals

If you are interested in showing a film at an upcoming event, please submit a request.

PAB Production

Planning the technical side of an event is much easier said than done. There are countless aspects that need to be accounted for, such as: electricity, stages, equipment rental, stage design and setup, to name a few. Our staff will be able to help you manage these complex obstacles as they present themselves, as well as set you up with a step-by-step guideline to make sure your event is a successful one.

PAB Production is your one-stop-shop for all things event related. With our network of event production contacts, we have all the resources you need to put on a professional event.

DJ Performing


High-quality audio at an event can be the difference between a pleasant, memorable experience and one most would rather forget. Our experienced staff will work closely with you and any available on-site tech staff to develop a detailed plan of the equipment that is required for your event.

A simple setup for a small to medium size events, such as a DJ playing an exclusive show, or a lecture set in an auditorium would include 4 hours of setup and operation, 2 PA speakers on stands, 2 microphone stands, and 2 standard microphones. This base package is perfect for small to medium size events, such as a DJ playing an exclusive show, or a lecture set in an auditorium.



Lighting for your event is crucial to your audience satisfaction. Student Creative Services can go far beyond your standard house lighting or cheap hardware store floods. From LED Pars that give your event a creative flare, to intelligent moving heads that will leave your audience awestruck, we can make it happen. SCS can provide lighting support for DJ's, theatrical performances, corporate events, and more.

 Our staff will sit down with you to determine your lighting needs and to provide you with a timely quote.



Event Video Production can be a valuable asset to your event whether you have us handling the entire event or not.

An affordable way to record your event for archiving, webcasting or marketing and promotional efforts.

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If you’d like to setup a consultation, or would like to get a quote for an event you are hosting please email us at: PABProduction@asu.edu.