Inclusive Places of Worship

Inclusive Places of Worship

With its thriving LGBTQIA+ community, the greater Phoenix metropolitan area is home to many congregations that are welcoming regardless of sexuality or gender expression.

Black Mountain Church of Christ —  in recognizing the diversity of human nature as a part of God’s universal wisdom, and in affirmation that all families and relationships are based on love, respect, responsibility and trust, Black Mountain Church of Christ is inclusive and welcoming to all individuals regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation or identity, ethnicity, or religion.

Celebration of Life Presbyterian Church — a progressive congregation welcoming of all people, the Celebration of Life Presbyterian Church celebrates peacemaking, caring for the earth and all its resources and inhabitants, and social justice.

Community Church of Hope — a non-denominational organization, the Community Church of Hope is located in the heart of Phoenix’s LGBT+ friendly Melrose District. Catering to a diverse group of worshippers who are God-centered and Christ-driven, Community Church of Hope is welcoming to all.

Desert Heritage Church — affiliated with the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Desert Heritage Church offers a welcoming environment in which to find a deeper faith, a lively experience of God’s grace and goodness, and communion and community.

Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church — in striving to affirm God’s love, word, and grace and following the example of Jesus Christ, the Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church welcomes all worshippers. Located in Phoenix’s Melrose District a short distance from the Downtown Phoenix campus and a short distance from the West and Tempe locations, Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church offers services in both English and Spanish.

First Congregational United Church of Christ of Phoenix — is a progressive, biblically-based denomination which seeks to follow Jesus’ example in daily life, working to discover what it means to be authentically Christian in the current world and content. First Church is inclusive and affirming of all individuals.

Metropolitan Community Church Phoenix — MCC Phoenix is a vibrant, inclusive, progressive Christian community of passionate spiritual seekers, compassionate servants, and bold agents of change. MCC Phoenix is a proud participants in Phoenix’s Pride Parade.

Rebel and Divine United Church of Christ — originally serving as an outreach project to help the homeless, marginalized, at risk and less fortunate LGBTQIA teens in the Phoenix metropolitan area, Rebel and Divine’s mission is to bring health and wholeness to those between the ages of 14 and 25. Individuals of all faiths, ages, and backgrounds are welcome.

(re)Imagine — a loving and gracious community of faith that has a profoundly positive effect on the religious and social environment in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. Inclusive and affirming to all members of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

National and International LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Spiritual Organizations

Affirmation: LGBT Mormons, Families and Friends — a welcoming and affirming community, Affirmation is a charitable, service, educational and religious-oriented association that works for the understanding and acceptance of the LGBTQIA community is full, equal and worthy persons within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Changing Attitude — an organization that works for the full inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in the life of the Anglican Communion. The organization’s website includes a directory of churches and resources by nation.

Dignity: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Catholics —  an organization to unite LGBTQIA Catholics, their families and friends in order to honor the Catholic heritage while promoting reform within the Church.

Eshel — the mission of Eshel is to create community and acceptance for LGBTQIA Jews and their families in the Orthodox communities by fostering understanding, support, advocacy, and bridging seemingly disparate identities with the Jewish values of family, education, culture and spirituality.

JQ International — Creating visibility and opportunity for LGBTQIA Jews and their allies, JQ International maintains a comprehensive list of national and international organizations and groups that offer support, resources and services for the LGBTQIA Jewish community.

Gay Buddhists Fellowship — The Gay Buddhist Fellowship supports Buddhist practice in the gay men’s community, and brings together the diverse Buddhist traditions to address the spiritual concerns of gay.

Gay and Lesbian Vaishnava Association — a nonprofit religious organization offering positive information and support to LGBTQIA Vaishnavas and Hindus, their friends, and other persons dedicated to the teachings of Lord Caitanya, the importance of all-inclusiveness within His mission, and the Vedic concept of a neutral third gender.

LDS Family Fellowship — is a support organization engaged in strengthening relationships between LGBTQIA individual and their families and friends.

More Light Presbyterians — An online network of people seeking the full participation of LGBTQIA people of faith in the life, ministry and witness of the Presbyterian Church.

Rainbow Baptists — Providing support, information and advocacy for LGBTQIA-identified Baptists, their families and friends. Rainbow Baptists is an outreach ministry of the Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists (AWAB).

ReconcilingWorks —  Formerly Lutherans Concerned, ReconcilingWorks has worked for decades among Lutherans for the full inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the life of the church. With national and international programs, resources, and involvement opportunities, ReconcilingWorks advocates for full participation within the Lutheran Church.

Soulforce, Inc. — Soulforce is an interfaith movement committed to ending spiritual violence perpetuated by religious policies and teachings against LGBTQIA people, and teaches and employs the nonviolent principles of Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King, Jr. to the liberation of sexual and gender minorities.

United Church of Christ Coalition for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Concerns (UCC) — providing support and sanctuary to LGBTQIA individuals, their families and friends, the UCC advocates for full inclusion in church and society. Billed as the world’s fastest-growing LGBTQIA-welcoming church movement, UCC’s resources include state-by-state legal updates on gay marriage and LGBTQIA civil rights.