Student Services

Student Services

Changemaker Central — Changemaker Central @ ASU is a community of like-minded students that are leading social change in our local and global community. With Changemaker spaces and programs on all four ASU campuses, our student team is prepared to help you navigate the many ways you can make a difference at ASU.


Committee for Campus Inclusion —The Committee for Campus Inclusion (CCI), an advisory group to the provost, promotes a positive, harmonious campus environment that celebrates individual and group diversity, promotes individualism, provides information to the campus community, and resolves issues in such a manner as to respect all persons and their dignity.


International Students & Scholars Center — The International Students and Scholars Center works to facilitate success of our international students and scholars during their stay in the US.  The core goal is to ensure full compliance with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s and Department of State’s immigration regulations.  Support is also provided regarding academic integration, cultural adjustment issues and any other support that an international student or scholar may need.


First Year Success — The First-Year Success Center (FYS) is an award-winning, high-impact, dynamic center that treats every student like a VIP through a variety of peer coaching services. Success coaching empowers students to thrive both inside and outside the classroom, and it’s customized to individual interests, strengths and needs. Demonstrating how the right person at the right time can change a life, FYS coaches work with students on everything from transition (adjusting to college life) to transformation (realizing potential and dreams). FYS coaches answer questions about college life and provide insider tips and advice on academics, getting involved, finding scholarships, and more.


Office of Equity & Inclusion — The Office of Equity & Inclusion supports and fosters a culture of inclusiveness. We promote and assist with equal opportunity and diversity initiatives. We also provide university leadership and hiring officials with clear and accessible employment data, timely and effective consultation, high-impact training, and rigorous review of employment-related policies and procedures. For more information, visit  ACD 401: Prohibition Against Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation.


Student Advocacy & Assistance — Student Advocacy and Assistance guides students in resolving educational, personal and other campus impediments toward successful completion of their academic goals. Student Advocacy and Assistance links students with appropriate university and community resources, agencies, and individuals, collaborates with faculty and staff in the best interest of the students, and follows through to bring efficient closure to student concerns.


Student and Cultural Engagement — Student & Cultural Engagement allows you to get involved and explore who you are as an individual, a student, and member of the Sun Devil Community. Discover yourself through involvement and develop leadership skills, and build a network of mentors and friends. Learn about worlds beyond your own through heritage celebrations, cultural programs and leadership sessions.


For more information, visit  ACD 401: Prohibition Against Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation.