Families and Guests

Families and Guests

Welcome to ASU!

Welcome to the ASU Family! As your student embarks on a new and exciting journey to become a Sun Devil, we’re proud to provide you with resources and opportunities to help ensure their success and your growth as an informed, engaged ASU family member.

The New ASU Family Experience

We know that having informed and supportive family members is key to student success. That’s why we created the New ASU Family Experience to provide you with essential resources, information and tips to help support your entire Sun Devil family during the transition to college. Your experience during this three-part family experience will parallel your student’s participation in the ASU New Student Orientation Experience, and give you the tools you need for a successful transition.

The Transition Process

Your student's transition to college is a major milestone for your entire family. You and your student will likely feel excitement and nervousness, sadness and joy as you look towards the future and prepare for their next steps. The New ASU Family Experience guides you through the transition process, providing the information you need, when you need it and offering tools and suggestions to help you support your student’s emerging independence.

Throughout the process, encourage your student to take ownership of the tasks they need to complete in each module while providing them with the support and coaching they need to be successful. These tasks provide a great opportunity to check in with your student on how they are feeling and answer questions they may have. For many students, transition to college is the first time they have made a budget, completed health forms or done laundry. All of these can be great learning opportunities for your Sun Devil, helping them to gain confidence in their ability to navigate new situations, acquire new skills and successfully engage in “adulting.”