Living Off Campus

Living Off Campus

When you decide you are ready to live off-campus, the process can seem daunting. How do I find the right apartment? Do I need a roommate?

OCSS is here to help you transition from living on-campus in residential colleges to the surrounding communities by assisting in locating housing and/or roommates that meet their individualized needs.

This section provides tips and recommendations to help you in your housing search and the leasing process.

First Steps
Signing a Lease
Moving In
Roommate Relations
Rental Issues
At Lease end

Find off campus housing

Off Campus Housing Guide 2018-19

Arizona State University has partnered with ASU Student Media in the creation of a smart phone app. This app is free for all students to use as an effective method of finding a place to live off-campus. Landlords can list properties at rates that are very competitive and less than most other mediums of advertising.

Download ASU State Press App to find the Housing App, works on all smartphones.

Download to your iOS based device here.

Download from Google Play here.