Roommate Relations

Roommate Relations

You decided to move out on your own. You and your roommate find a wonderful place to live, you could not be happier. To aid you in keeping your relationship with your roommate a happy one here is some information that you may find beneficial in defining your obligations to each other. Listed below are general thoughts and questions to consider when making a roommate choice. Your choice of roommates will affect you, agreeing to live with someone is a big commitment. Here are some questions that you should consider discussing openly and honestly to have a successful living experience.

A roommate contract is an agreement with specific conditions that each roommate agrees upon before making the decision to live together. This is an easy way to settle future disputes that may occur; this contract can be used to solve disputes.


Contracts between roommates often include the following:

  • What time is suitable for study time?
  • Who will be responsible for chores?
  • What items are community items?
  • Will guests be allowed?
  • Will parties be allowed?
  • What happens if someone can’t cover their portion of the rent?
  • How will conflict/disagreements be handled?
  • These are just a few ideas for a contract. Having a contract will help settle some arguments that may come up. However, the best way to settle a disagreement is to openly and honestly discuss the issue at hand. Good luck on finding a roommate, and be sure to check out the Roommate Agreement which you can print out and use.


Things to Consider When Selecting a Roommate

  • Friends may not always make good roommates.
  • Consider the other person’s sleeping habits and cleaning habits.
  • Are your work schedules compatible?
  • How will the household chores be divided?
  • Does the person smoke, drink, or use drugs? Will you be able to tolerate this?
  • Does the person have any hobbies? If you roommate plays a musical instrument, will you be able to tolerate this if it is late at night?
  • Does this person have pets?
  • Does this person have a significant other that will stay over?
  • Does this person have friends that will spend a lot of time at your place?
  • Will this person be able to pay their rent, electric bill, phone bill, etc.?
  • How does this person handle conflict and disagreements? From time to time you may find yourself in a debate about things pertaining to your living arrangements.