Looking for Off Campus Housing

First Steps

Moving off campus is a big decision. However, your search can be made easier if you determine what you would like in a rental before you start looking. Below are a few questions to ask yourself before you start your housing search.

  • Location and Safety - How close do you want to be to campus?? Are you interested in a house, condominium, or apartment? Should it be in walking distance, biking distance, on the bus line or do you have your own transportation? What kind of neighborhood would you like to live in?
  • Cost - What can you afford? Costs include rent, utilities, food, entertainment, and all other living costs.
  • Roommates - Do you want to live alone or with roommates?
  • Amenities - what amenities would you like? Pool, gym, air conditioning, dishwasher?
  • Subleasing - Does your landlord allow subleasing in case you need to move?
  • Parking - Does the property provide parking spaces? Is there a cost for parking?
  • Leasing Requirements - You may need a cosigner and pay application fee.


Safety and Comfort

  • Safety: Is the rental unit in an area you feel comfortable living in? Visit the unit during the day and at night to see if there is a major difference in the neighborhood environment. Talk to the current tenants about their experiences. Crime statistics are available through the area Police Department.
  • Space: Is the rental unit, and its kitchen, bedrooms, and closets large enough for your needs?
  • Fire Safety: Are all smoke detectors in working condition? Test them to make sure. Each level must have at least one smoke alarm. Each bedroom and living area must have at least one window.
  • Home Security: Are all doors, locks, and dead bolts in working condition?


Condition of the Property

  • Cleanliness: Is the unit itself in a condition you are willing to live in?
  • Working Appliances and Plumbing: Is everything in the unit in good working condition? Test the heat, air conditioning, hot and cold water faucets, shower pressure, and toilet to make sure everything works to your satisfaction. Do all lights and electrical outlets work properly? (You can even ask the current tenants).
  • Energy Efficiency: Do all windows open and close properly? Test all windows throughout the unit. Drafty windows could mean higher energy bills. Are there any leaky faucets? Leaky faucets could mean higher water bills and possibly future water damage.



  • Off-Street Parking: Off-street parking means the landlord has spaces reserved for building residents. You should ask the landlord how many spots are available and if there is a cost.
  • On-Street Parking: If off-street parking is not available, you may need to purchase a City Parking Permit.


Agreements between You and the Landlord/Leasing Office

  • Document Agreements: If the landlord agrees to make any changes or repairs to the property, you should document the agreements in writing.


Comfort with Landlord

  • Rating Search: Visit Arizona Tenants Advocates for information on apartment communities, landlords and management companies.
  • Current Tenants: Talk to the current tenants or neighbor about their experiences with the landlord and/or management company.
  • Code Compliance: Search property ratings to ensure the living community meets your needs by visiting:

Use our housing search checklist during your search to help you compare several rentals at once.


How to find off campus housing


Find off campus housing

Students can click here to view rental listings on a web browser.