Off Campus Student Housing

Off Campus Housing

Finding Off Campus Housing

ASU Student Media provides printed and online housing guides to help students search for and choose the best off-campus housing option. The guides include input from students who live off-campus and know the community. The guides also provide information to help students make good choices regarding their safety and well-being while living off campus.  The online version of the housing guide - Living ASU - allows students to do custom searches based on their particular needs.

Search Off Campus Housing at Living ASU 

Download the Printed Off Campus Housing Guide

In addition to the housing guides, ASU Student Media hosts two housing fairs on the Tempe campus, one during the Fall Semester and one during the Spring Semester.  During these fairs students can speak to representatives from off-campus properties.

Please note that inclusion in an ASU Student Media off campus housing guide or fair is not an endorsement by Arizona State University. Individual property owners have the responsibility for ensuring a safe and healthy environment for renters.

Student renters should do their own, thorough research into each property in order to find the best housing option for their particular needs.

NOTE: Signing a contract or lease agreement is a binding legal document. Be sure you have selected the place you want to live and understand all the information in the document before you sign. SIGNING IS BINDING.