Scholar Tips For Meeting With Your First-Year Success Coach

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Scholar Tips For Meeting With Your First-Year Success Coach

First-Year Success (FYS) Coaches play a key role in assisting students in a successful transition to the collegiate environment. Obama Scholars are expected to meet with their FYS Coach at least once a month and have on-going communication during their first year at ASU. These meetings provide you with a safe place to ask questions, express concerns and celebrate successes.

FYS Coaches are here to provide you guidance and support. You have an incredible opportunity in front of you…having a supportive individual to meet with on a regular basis. Take advantage of your Coach’s knowledge, experience and skills and maximize your monthly meetings.

Establish a collaborative relationship

  • Developing a strong rapport with your FYS Coach will make the experience rewarding for both of you. This can best be done by being clear about each of your roles: your role as a communicative scholar, their role as a supportive resource.

Schedule a regular meeting time

  • Make sure you write down meeting dates and time your planner
  • Discuss how best to communicate if you need to reschedule your monthly meeting
  • Always schedule the next meeting before you leave. It may be helpful to put a reminder in your calendar/planner a few days before your next meeting
  • If you are unable to keep the appointment, reschedule immediately. This is your responsibility!

What you can expect to discuss in your monthly meeting with your FYS Coach

  • Identifying academic and co-curricular pursuits, along with extra-curricular campus involvement and personal goals
  • Why you are attending ASU, what some of your goals are, and what you want to get out of your overall college experience. These answers can assist your Coach in supporting you to reach your goals.
  • Getting to know your Coach and their experiences on campus

Monitor/discuss academic progress

  • Talk with your FYS Coach initially about how you did in high school. What classes were your strengths, what classes did you struggle with? Discuss your current course load and which classes you anticipate doing well in and/or having challenges with.
  • Talk about how you studied in high school and how you plan to study, take notes, review for college courses.
  • All students can benefit from tutoring, supplemental instruction, talking with their professors during office hours, success coaching, etc. Excelling students, as well as those that may struggle periodically, take advantage of the plethora of resources on campus to increase their success Remember, your coach is not your academic advisor. Your coach is an overall campus resource for you.

Discuss the top struggles, challenges and successes

  • Address challenges before they become problems.
  • Remember, your coach is a resource for you…an advocate…someone to assist you with your college transition and academic success.
  • However,Coaches are not mind readers.
  • Coaches are not your parents, older sibling, aunt or uncle.
  • Coaches can best assist when they are aware of what issues and/or concerns you are facing…on and off-campus.
  • So, tell them.
  • The Obama Scholars Program is designed to assist you in achieving your goals, maximizing your college experience and graduating in four years.
  • You coach will provide for challenge and support for you.
  • Take full advantage of working with your coach during your first year at ASU.

Mentors: The key to your success

During your first year at ASU as a President Barack Obama Scholar, you will meet one-on-one with a mentor on a monthly basis to ensure a smooth transition into university life. Your mentor will provide guidance, encourage involvement, offer referrals and connect you to campus resources. Select the links at left to read your Scholars Agreement.