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Study Abroad Information For Obama Scholars Program Participants

You may choose to spend one semester in an ASU sponsored and approved study abroad program, only after completion of your first year in the Obama Scholars Program. First year scholars are expected to complete the Obama Scholars Success Program on one of ASU’s campuses during their first year at ASU in order to continue their participation in the Obama Scholars Program.

Obama Scholar funds may only be used for one semester of study abroad, and you will be awarded based on estimated costs to attend ASU. ASU Obama Scholars funds used towards a study abroad program will count as one semester towards your eight semester maximum.

Financial Assistance

  • The Study Abroad Office website provides information on how financial aid applies toward the study abroad program. You may also contact the Study Abroad Office by an in-person visit, phone or website.
  • In-Person Visit:  Interdisciplinary B Building on the Tempe Campus, Second floor
    Phone:  (480) 965-5965
  • Only study abroad programs administered by the ASU Study Abroad Office will be covered by ASU financial assistance.
  • You must have a current year FAFSA on file and you must have completed all financial aid To Do List Items on your MyASU with the ASU Financial Assistance Office before approval to use financial assistance for the semester of the study abroad program.
  • Obama Scholar funds can only be used towards programs in the fall or spring semester.
  • If you have any questions, please contact a financial assistance counselor.
    • Downtown Phoenix campus 602-496-0373
    • Polytechnic campus 480-727-1041
    • Tempe campus 480-965-3355
    • West campus 602-543-8178

SFAO will keep the student in good standing for financial aid for the following year/term unless they hear from the Study Abroad Office that the student failed their courses. If students fail any courses abroad, their financial aid status will be changed to probation or suspension.

Types of ASU Full Semester Study Abroad Programs

Exchange Programs

  • Equal exchange between ASU and a foreign university (location availability varies);
  • Take classes at a local university – foreign language proficiency may be required;
  • Pay usual ASU feels and tuition;
  • Most independent study abroad option. Student arranges own housing and obtains own visa (information may be supplied);
  • Semester programs;
  • Financial Assistance for any semester is not available until 10 days prior to the term. Students must plan ahead in order to pay deposits, airfare, etc.;
  • Access a list of available Exchange Programs.

Partnership Programs

  • ASU partner organization with on-site staff available to assist student;
  • Take classes with local students and/or international students and/or American students;
  • Often taught in English – language proficiency is usually not required;
  • Visa guidance or services offered;
  • Program fee usually covers tuition, housing, some excursions, and on-site staff. Compare program details and costs carefully because not all programs include the same features;
  • Semester programs;
  • Students should compare program details and costs carefully because not all programs include the same features;
  • Access a list of available Partnership Programs.

To get started, attend a Study Abroad 101 informational session.