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Federal Work Study

Need a job? Work on campus! Search for jobs at

Federal work study is a regular student job. Don’t be mislead by the title “work-study”. You don’t get to study while you work, but by working you gain additional financial resources. You acquire valuable work experience for your résumé. You can reduce the necessity for student loans. Student positions give you the opportunity for networking with professionals; it gives you the opportunity to sample different career choices. You learn valuable and practical career-related experiences which gives you exposure to the world of work. You will have the opportunity to enhance fundamental work skills and develop a sense of community and involvement with ASU.

Here is a list of Federal work study programs:

  • On-Campus FWS Program: Offers jobs on all ASU campuses.
  • Off-Campus FWS Program: Provides employment opportunities in federal, state and local public agencies or private non-profit organizations.
  • Community Service FWS: Engages students in improving the quality of life for community residents available on- and off-campus. Click on the advanced option and enter "Community Services FWS" in the Job Description text field when searching for jobs.
  • America Reads: In partnership with a public school or school district, reading tutors lead children in elementary school through the 9th grade in developing basic reading skills and academic confidence through literacy activities.


All of the above positions can be found at