Student Government

Student Government


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ASU recognizes its role as the student body's representative and we are committed to maintaining channels of communication between students and the administration.

Our efforts aim at voicing students' concerns and interests at local, state and national levels of government. ASASU also provides a means by which students can gain experience and training through active political participation. We provide a number of student-run services and advocate for student initiatives including campus environment, health and wellness, community outreach and special events. ASASU also facilitates the distribution of funding from the student activity fee to clubs and organizations.

Whether you would like to participate in a few hours of volunteer work or gain real world experience, ASASU is a great way to develop skills in politics and student leadership and build friendship along the way!

If you have any ideas, concerns or suggestions that you would like to share with the Associated Students of Arizona State University or if you would like to become involved, check out our websites or come see us at our respective campuses! Go Devils!


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