Multicultural Communities of Excellence Hero

Multicultural Communities of Excellence

Multicultural Communities of Excellence at Arizona State University are a central component of a university-wide effort to address social transformation.

Multicultural Communities of Excellence are present at each ASU campus location and help to provide a sense of place and support for students of color. Additionally, they celebrate, enhance, enrich and elevate the identities of all historically underrepresented students.


Multicultural Community of Excellence locations:

Downtown Phoenix: Taylor Place, 130

Polytechnic: Citrus Pavilion, 123

Tempe: Student Pavilion, 321

West: University Center Building, 264


Advancing multicultural excellence

Multicultural Communities of Excellence at ASU are environments that support student success and wellbeing, advance the university’s academic mission, celebrate culture, inspire hope, affirm identities, support intersectionality and cultivate a shared understanding and appreciation for diversity and inclusion.

These student-focused spaces provide an opportunity to intensify collegiate engagement that can positively impact students’ academic work and research, professional aspirations and leadership.


Fostering a greater sense of belonging

Across ASU’s four metropolitan Phoenix locations, these communities provide a gateway to a wide array of programming, services and resources that help to facilitate a greater sense of belonging among students of color and other historically underrepresented students.

Each community reflects representations of diverse cultures to affirm and celebrate the history and achievements of people of color and other historically marginalized groups. The communities serve as a hub to connect students to opportunities across the university to support their success. The spaces allow for gatherings and meetings for students and registered student organizations. Use your ASU ID card to access the spaces on any of the campuses.

Connections to student success resources

Multicultural Community of Excellence locations are in close proximity to: