International Student Guide: Shopping

International Student Guide: Shopping

Places to shop

Comfort food, tables and chairs, a cell phone -- whatever your needs are, finding stores near campus that provide the things you need to make your stay at Arizona State University enjoyable is essential.

Please be aware, ASU does not endorse any of the retailers listed, regardless of their proximity to campus.

You’re going to need books for your classes, and deciding to rent or buy each book can be a tough choice. Before you do either, consider these alternatives for getting your textbooks: borrow textbooks from friends who already took the class, research prices at the ASU Bookstore and online retailers and compare prices of a hard copy versus an electronic version.

Cell phones are great for staying in touch with family and friends, calling in a take-out order from a restaurant and to have in case of an emergency. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon are the four main U.S. cell phone carriers, each with several stores around the Valley.

With advances in technology, you may need to purchase a few electronics to support your educational experiences. The ASU Bookstore and Sun Devil Marketplace have university essentials including laptops, external hard drives and more. Stores like Best Buy and Fry’s Electronics can help you find items like TVs and gaming consoles.

Make your on- or off-campus housing space your own. Stores like IKEA and Living Spaces can help you furnish your living space with essential items and some to show your personality. It’s a good idea to plan ahead, as some items may not be available in the store and may have to be ordered and shipped to you.

Grocery stores carry a variety of items from fresh meats, fruits and vegetables to packaged and canned food as well as household items like cleaning supplies, paper products and health and beauty care. Many offer reward programs that provide discounts on select items to help save money. Common grocery stores in the Metro Phoenix Area include Albertson’s, Bashas’, Food City, Fry’s and Safeway.

International grocery stores

One of the most common things that international students miss the most is food. Nothing can make you feel more welcome in a new place than cuisine from your home country. Whether you want to find your favorite entrée or side dish or explore flavors from countries other than your own, there are several international grocery stores to help you find what you are looking for.