International Student Guide: Public Resources

International Student Guide: Public Resources

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Discover a variety of community resources provided to help ensure you have access to the services you need. Post offices, police departments and libraries are all public goods and service you have access to while you complete your journey at Arizona State University.

The United States Post Office can assist you in mailing parcels around the world, whether you’re purchasing stamps, packaging or sending your item. They will also rent you a P.O. Box so your mail is stored until you pick it up. Private companies like FedEx and UPS can also help you with your shipping needs.

Please be aware, ASU does not endorse any postal service, regardless of their proximity to campus.

In addition to being a quiet sanctuary to relax and study, libraries throughout the Valley offer a variety of services ranging from book and movie rentals to events and classes. Visit a library near you to see everything it has to offer. In order to check out library materials you will have to get a library card – view requirements online or at the front desk of the library of your choice.

Law enforcement plays an important role in keeping students safe, and educating students on the laws in each city. Arizona State University has a dedicated police department available to assist you in emergency and non-emergency situations. Each city also has a police and fire department that you may use. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, dial 9-1-1.

The ASU Speech and Hearing Clinic in the College of Health Solutions offers a course in Accent Modification - SHS 461. This course helps International Students, faculty, and staff modify their accent to improve speech comprehensibility. The over-arching goal is to support ASU's international community gain speech clarity to improve learning and sharing of ideas by reducing the barriers of accented speech. For more details visit