Sparky's Spirit Competition

Sparky's Spirit Competition

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What is Sparky's Spirit Competition?

The Sparky Spirit Challenge is a month long (Feb. 2020) competition in which student organizations and groups compete for the title of ‘Most Spirited Group on Campus’. After registering (which can be completed through the link below), groups will have the opportunity to show off their Sun Devil pride through attending events on campus, decorating spaces, and finding creative ways to engage the community and build excitement for the amazing things happening at ASU! This will culminate in a competition leaderboard, with the winners of each section receiving a special prize and recognition throughout campus.

Here's how to register:
In order to register for the Sparky Spirit Competition, please complete this entry form.


What are the prizes?
The competition is broken up into three separate sections, student employees, student organizations, and SDLC organizations. The awards for these competitions are as follows:

  • Sun Devil Leadership Council Organizations: Behind the Scenes ASU Experience
  • Student Organizations: Organization Funding
  • Student Employees (i.e. Memorial Union, SDFC, etc): Catered Meal for Team Meeting

Beyond this, the winners of each section will get recognition among the ASU community along with a trophy to commemorate their efforts!

When does the competition start and end?
The Competition officially begins on Feb. 3, 2020 and will continue through Feb. 29, 2020.

Am I limited to the items on the rubric?
No! If you have any creative items or events that you would like to add to the rubric and events list, please let us know!

How do I submit for points?
Each team is required to submit points every Sunday through this form. You can also utilize the template to better understand an ideal submission that will aware you the most points possible.

How do I know my group’s score?
Each Monday, points will be tallied by our team and a leaderboard will be published on our various social media pages. Follow us to make sure you are up to date throughout the month!

Contact us:
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.