Radiology and X-Ray

Radiology and X-Ray

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ASU Health Services – Tempe offers state-of-the-art Digital X-ray services to meet your care needs. Our Radiology Technologists are credentialed through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (A.R.R.T) and are state licensed, Certified Radiologic Technologists (C.R.T).

Our experienced, professional staff provides accurate, quality imaging in a timely manner. We are committed to practicing with your safety as our top priority. The use of digital radiography equipment allows us to complete your X-rays with less radiation exposure and faster imaging. Our radiology staff also takes part in continued quality improvement studies and specializes in sports injuries working with our interdisciplinary Sports Medicine team.

Radiology is conveniently located on the first floor of ASU Health Services – Tempe. We offer general Diagnostic X-rays. More specialized radiology procedures, such as Ultrasounds, CT scans or MRIs are referred to outside facilities. Our Referral Department can schedule those procedures for you and many times can arrange transportation to the appointment for the procedure if needed.

For general X-ray services, no appointment necessary, we take patients on a walk-in basis. Patients are imaged on a first come, first serve basis unless a medical emergency requires immediate attention. A prescription order for X-rays are needed prior to getting any X-rays completed.

X-ray room

X-rays ordered by an ASU Health Services provider

Digital imaging equipment allows your X-rays to be available for your ASU Health Services provider to review soon after completion, helping you to get your results as quickly as possible. Although your X-ray images are reviewed by your Health Services provider, they are also reviewed and interpreted by a Board Certified Radiologist (a physician specialized in reading x-rays). This radiology report is then electronically placed into your medical record. If you have questions regarding your X-ray results, please contact your ordering provider by phone (480-965-3349) or by using the patient portal.

X-rays ordered by an outside provider

With a written general X-ray order, our radiology staff is available to perform the X-ray procedure ordered from an outside provider. Bring the written X-ray order to ASU Health Services – Tempe. Our trained staff will obtain the requested images. A report can be faxed to the ordering provider within 24 hours, many times the same day. All X-ray appointments must be scheduled. Please call 480-965-3349 to schedule an X-ray at the Tempe Health Services location.

Digital X-ray copies for outside provider

Occasionally, you may need to follow up with a specialist and bring a copy of your actual images from your X-ray with you to your appointment. If this is the case, please let the Radiology Technologist know and a CD copy of your X-ray will be provided to you.