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Women’s Health

ASU Health Services Women's Health department is staffed by board-certified nurse practitioners who offer:

  • Routine gynecological visits and exams including PAP testing and breast exams
  • Contraception including the oral contraceptive pills, patch, ring, Depo-Provera, Nexplanon, IUD insertion and diaphragm fitting
  • Evaluation and treatment for a full range of gynecologic problems including abnormal bleeding, hormonal and menstrual irregularities, pain, menopause symptoms, all breast concerns and postpartum depression
  • Sexually transmitted infections screening, evaluation and treatment including performing pelvic and vaginal exams as needed and ordering other lab tests as needed and recommended by providers
  • Gynecological procedures including colposcopy, endometrial biopsy, anal PAPs, biopsy and treatment of genital warts
  • Human papillomavirus vaccination
  • Transgender health care and hormone therapy
  • A full range of sexual health education and information
  • A full range of general health education, including sexual health and sexual violence prevention
  • Sexual violence aftercare which can also include referral for a forensic nurse exam provided at a fully equipped center with specialized personnel all trained to assist victims of sexual violence. 

Schedule your Women’s Health appointment through your ASU Health Services My Health Portal or call 480-965-3349. We look forward to being your women’s healthcare partners.