Primary care

Primary care

Primary Care is the usual door to understanding and treating the entire range of health concerns, illnesses and injuries. Primary care is offered in person and via telehealth at all ASU campus locations by board certified physicians and nurse practitioners trained to: 

  • Diagnose and treat acute illnesses and infections and manage many chronic conditions
  • Provide well visit health screenings
  • Guide health and wellness lifestyle planning
  • Conduct physicals required for participation in sports, internships and academic programs
  • Evaluate and treat mood problems including mild depression and anxiety
  • Diagnose and treat acne and other skin-related problems
  • Evaluate and treat allergies
  • Evaluate and treat headaches
  • Treat acute injuries such as sprains, strains, abrasions and lacerations

When appropriate, ASU Primary Care providers refer to specialists who appreciate collaborating with them to bring students the best overall care. 

Students can schedule Primary Care appointments through the ASU Health Services My Health Portal or by calling 480-965-3349. Telehealth is provided through a secure link on Zoom that students access through the appointments tab on the ASU Health Services My Health Portal.  

*Students experiencing cough, sore throat, fever and upper respiratory symptoms are encouraged to schedule through telehealth.