Student Health Coverage Options

Health Coverage Options


Students, whether they have health insurance or not, are eligible to use ASU Health Services. However, we strongly advise every student to maintain adequate health insurance to cover unexpected medical expenses.

Health Coverage Options

Aetna Student Insurance
Existing Personal Insurance Plans and Healthcare.Gov information
Bridge Discount Plan

Aetna Student Health Insurance

In cooperation with Arizona Board of Regents and ASU Health Services, ASU offers an affordable top-tiered medical insurance policy to students. This insurance provides access to the health and counseling services at any ASU Health Service location. The insurance plan is designed to provide group coverage to students that are currently uninsured, need a less expensive alternative or need an Arizona provider network. Students on the Aetna Student Health Insurance are still required to receive their primary care through ASU Health Services and are required to obtain a referral to an off campus provider. The Health Insurance Office is located in the Health Services building, at the Tempe campus and can be reached at 480-965-2411 or to answer questions about this policy. 

Additional information on Aetna Student Health can be found below or at

AETNA Student Health Insurance  "Quick" Summary of Benefits 2019-2020

AETNA Student Health Insurance Detailed Summary of Benefits for 2019-2020

Print AETNA Student Health ID Card

Enrollment for Dental PPO and Vital Savings

AETNA Student Health Dental Summary

Eligibility Requirements


The following groups of students are eligible for coverage:

  • Undergraduate students if they are enrolled in a program of study and meet the following criteria:       
  • Undergraduate students if they are enrolled in a program of study and a) taking at least six units, b) have a
  • Consortium agreement to take courses at a qualified college with an overall credit hour total of at least six units.
  • Seniors may enroll with less than six units if they are in their last semester to achieve their final graduation requirements and had the insurance coverage in the prior semester.
  • Graduate students if they are enrolled in a graduate degree or certificate program and taking at least three units or one dissertation/thesis unit.
  • Graduate non‐degree students must have applied to a degree program and be taking at least six transferable units, be in a certificate program, or be a full‐time student taking at least nine units.
  • Graduate assistants or associates who are officially hired, with a signed and filed notice of appointment, and taking at least six units of graduate credit.
  • Post‐Doctoral Fellows, J1 Visiting Scholars or J1 Student Interns.
  • International students on non‐immigrant visas, regardless of his or her fitting into one of the above classifications and regardless of the number of units being taken, are automatically enrolled in the Plan.

Please make sure you understand your school’s credit hour and other requirements for enrolling in this plan. Aetna Student Health reserves the right to review, at any time, your eligibility to enroll in this plan. If it is determined that you did not meet the school’s eligibility requirements for enrollment, your participation in the plan may be terminated or rescinded in accordance with its terms and applicable law.

Dependent coverage is not available under this policy.

Students who are eligible for or are enrolled under Medicare are not eligible to enroll under the Plan.

ASU Online students are not eligible for student health insurance.

Your program degree must be affiliated with a campus.

Enrollment Information

Coverage will become effective 12:00 a.m. Arizona time on the coverage Start Date listed below and will terminate at 11:59 p.m. Arizona time on the coverage End Date listed below.

TypeStart DateEnd DatePremium Rate
Fall AAug. 16, 2019Oct. 9, 2019$390
Fall BOct. 10, 2019Dec. 31, 2019$589
Fall C (Full Semester)Aug. 16, 2019Dec. 31, 2019$979
Spring AJan. 1, 2020March 10, 2020$497
Spring BMarch 11, 2020Aug. 15, 2020$1,121
Spring C (Full Semester)Jan. 1, 2020Aug. 15, 2020$1,618
Summer AMay 16, 2020Aug. 15, 2020$653
Summer BJuly 1, 2020Aug. 15, 2020$326
Summer CMay 16, 2020Aug. 15, 2020$653

Fall deadline         Aug. 31, 2019
Spring deadline   Jan. 27, 2020
Summer               June 3, 2020
(first 2 weeks of class)

*Students enrolled in only Session "A" are eligible for Spring A coverage. Students enrolled in only Session "B" are eligible for 
Spring B coverage.


How Do I Enroll?

  1. Sign in at My ASU
  2. Under Campus Services, click on Health & Wellness Resources, then click Health Insurance and Enroll/Cancel Student Health Insurance

Do I need to Re-enroll?

To re-enroll, you do not need to do anything, students are automatically re-enrolled. To confirm enrollment check your student account for Health Insurance Charge.You always have the option to notify us if you choose not to re-enroll. Cancellation is the same steps as enrolling listed above. You must cancel by the open enrollment deadline listed above.


Existing Personal Insurance Plans

Students may already have health insurance through their parents, or employer. If so, these students should carry their health insurance cards with them at all times. ASU Health Service can/will file claims to third party insurance companies we are contracted with if the student presents the card at the time of visit.

Insurance companies on contract:

ASU Health Services will bill your insurance carrier. If your insurance carrier is not on this list, we advise you to contact them to receive their guidelines for out of network coverage. You may also request an itemized statement for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. You should be familiar with the rule of your insurance to receive the best benefit.  Most HMO plans have very specific rules about who and where you can be seen, usually only with your selected primary care provider.   (We are not able to bill to all versions of the following plans)

Some labs may be sent out to Sonora Quest Labs or Labcorp. Please check with your plan to determine if these labs are in your network.

  • Aetna
  • Arizona Foundation (AFMC)
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield (except Neighborhood plans, Honor Health)
  • Cigna (except Local Plus plans)
  • Great West
  • Health Net (except Ambetter)
  • Humana
  • United Health Care

*Please contact your insurance company to see if we are a participating provider. You will need to provide the following information.

  • Call your insurance company.
  • Provide ASU Health Service as the location providing medical service.
  • Provide the Tax ID 860196696.

Healthcare.Gov plans

Individuals who wish to explore options available through should visit the site directly. ASU Health Services may not be able to contract with all health plans purchased on the exchange.

Bridge Plan-discount Program (Downtown Phoenix, Tempe, Polytechnic, West)

ASU Health Services is pleased to offer a Bridge service discount program designed to save the student money if they need certain health services at the University. ASU health service's mission is to provide quality health care at low cost to the students at ASU. Even though you have health insurance, it may not cover everyday health expenses like preventive or routine visits, lab tests, x-rays or consultations with an on-campus specialist. Many of the insurance plans require a higher deductible, or no coverage when the student is "out of network".

ASU Health Services now offers a discount program to pay for some of these services. THIS IS NOT AN INSURANCE POLICY. It is a way to reduce your total health care costs for certain services rendered at any of the ASU Health Services locations. Like the Aetna Student Insurance plan, you will automatically be re-enrolled for future semesters (Enrollment for the Bridge plan is open all semester for $153 with benefits beginning on the Bridge form enrollment date).

How Do I Enroll?

  1. Sign in at My ASU
  2. Under Campus Resources, click on Health & Wellness, then click Enroll/Cancel ASU Health Services Bridge Plan; or sign up in person at one of our locations

What Will This Plan Do?

Comparison of on Campus Cost for Services:

Type of Service

Without Bridge

With Bridge

General Medical Visit

$31 to $104



$41 to $190


Basic X-ray

$20 to $60 each


Laboratory $3 to $200+ each$10/day

IUD Insertion

$1000 to $2000 (depending on product type)

$1000 to $2000 (depending on product type)

Added Benefit
Enrollment in ASU classes gives the student access to after-hours telephone advice from a board certified physician or nurse practitioner. A medical provider is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To access this service please call 480-965-3349.

Cost for the Bridge Plan-Discount Program:

Period Covered


August 16 to December 31


January 1 to August 15


SMIL – Scottsdale Medical Imaging

Off campus radiology when referred by ASU Health Services will be at a much lower price and has the option to bill the ASU account rather than paying the same day of service.

Audiological Evaluation (hearing test)

The ASU Speech and Hearing Clinic offer Bridge Plan Students a hearing assessment for $30.  The ASU Speech and Hearing Clinic generally maintains operating hours of 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. MST, Monday through Friday.  The clinic observes all university holidays.

Speech and Hearing Clinic Locations

Tempe campus - 480-965-2373

Lattie F. Coor Hall

Fax: 480-965-0076


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