Health Services Resources for Parents


Parents of ASU students, and especially those of incoming freshman, often have questions or concerns about the health care services available on campus.

Many ASU students are at a point in their lives where they are learning how to access and receive health care on their own without the help of family members. During this learning process, students may communicate less fully with family about illnesses than in the past.

Immunization Requirements

Before new students can register, they are required to submit proof of two MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) immunizations. We also strongly recommend vaccination against meningitis, flu, tetanus and pertussis. Learn about the immunization requirements and recommendations.

Health Coverage Options

Although insurance is not required to receive treatment at ASU Health Services, all students are strongly encouraged to have some form of health insurance. Proof of health insurance is required for international students. ASU Health Services offers both a discount service plan, Bridge Plan and a medical insurance plan through the Arizona Board of Regents from Aetna Student Insurance. We are also contracted with many insurance companies and will bill your insurance company for visits at your health center.

Medical Providers

The providers at the ASU Health Services locations include board certified physicians and nurse practitioners. Board Certified in medicine means a physician has taken and passed a medical specialty examination. ASU Health Services offers laboratory, x-ray, primary care, acute care, women’s health, sports medicine, and travel medicine. Meet the Team.

Release of Information

In order to speak with parents regarding their student’s health needs and history, a release of information must be completed. After a student has completed the release of information, Health Services can discuss the authorized health needs identified in the patient’s medical record.

Counseling Services

The first year of college can often be a time of difficult transition for many students. If you observe signs of depression or anxiety, encourage your student to call ASU Counseling Services to schedule an appointment.

Additional Resources

ASU Family connects parents and their students to valuable university-wide resources, programs and services, promoting Sun Devil success at ASU.

ASU Family connects local and out-of-state parents to the ASU community through involvement and engagement opportunities in support of student success.