International Student Health Requirements

International Student Health Requirements

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Health Insurance is mandatory for all registered international students and a condition of enrollment. Arizona State University requires verification of all required immunizations.

Arizona State University requires that international students have adequate medical and accident insurance coverage.

  • Mandatory Student Health Insurance is automatically charged for all International students. The Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) universities contract with an insurance provider to provide a health insurance product for any ABOR student. For the current academic year, Aetna Student Health is the student health insurance provider (see below).
  • Pre-approved sponsored students are automatically waived upon receipt of Financial Guarantee at ASU Finance office.
  • The mandatory Student Health Insurance charge will include 4 weeks early arrival insurance for all new incoming International students regardless of when the student may enter the US.
  • Health Services reserves the right to verify benefits and coverage periods with each sponsor group and list them on our website.

Aetna Student Health Insurance

Aetna Student Health Insurance

Aetna Student Health is the Health Insurance policy for ABOR students. This insurance provides access to the health and counseling services at any ASU Health Service location. The Health Insurance office is located in the Health Services building, Tempe campus and can be reached at 480-965-2411 or

Aetna Student Health insurance coverage is for the student only. Please contact the Patient Advocate with any additional questions at 480-727-2404.

Approved Sponsors

Approved Sponsors

If you meet the guidelines below and your sponsor is not listed, please contact us as soon as possible and no later than two weeks after school starts.

If ASU Student Business Services (SBS) bills your sponsor for your university expenses and you are a J1 or F1 visa holder and see your sponsor listed below, you will be automatically exempt from enrollment in the Arizona Board of Regents Student Health Insurance Plan for the current semester.

If your sponsor does not appear on the list below and you, meet all requirements below, notify ASU Health Insurance office at as soon as possible and no later than two weeks after school starts. Please e-mail a copy of your insurance card, summary of benefits, and proof of active coverage.

Requirement list (must be in USD)

  • Unlimited annual and lifetime maximum benefit
  • Exact same coverage period timeframe or more
  • Covers pre-existing with no waiting period
  • Covers preventative and medical, both inpatient and outpatient
  • Covers mental health, both inpatient and outpatient. Same benefit as medical
  • Has medical evacuation ($50,000 USD) and repatriation ($25,000 USD)
  • Policy plan must be a US plan, is ACA compliant, reviewed by AZDOI

Only students whose sponsor insurance is pre-approved by ASU Health Insurance will be exempt from the Arizona Board of Regents Student Health Insurance Plan.

All other International Students will be charged for the Student Health Insurance coverage in each Fall and Spring semesters you enroll in classes. You do not need to purchase any further insurance prior to attending Arizona State University. All new incoming International Students will be covered on the Aetna Student Plan 4 weeks prior to the start of school, sponsored students are exempt from this requirement.

The Arizona Board of Regents Student Health Insurance Plan rates will be posted along with the approved Arizona Department of Insurance Benefit Summary Plan each year. Plan rates and Benefit Summary will be available as soon as they have been approved by the appropriate agencies.

ASU Approved Sponsors:

  • Abu Dhabi Education Council
  • Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
  • Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
  • Aramco Services Company
  • Egypt, Embassy of the Arab Republic
  • Embassy of Oman Cultural Division
  • Kuwait, Embassy of
  • Qatar Airways
  • Qatar, Embassy of the State of
  • Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission
  • Thai Royal Embassy
  • UAE Military Attaché
  • UAE Presidents Scholarship Office (SCO)

Student Immunization

Student Immunization

The Measles vaccine (MMR) is the only required vaccination at ASU. Before a student can register, they are required to document that they've had two measles vaccinations (one of which must be dated after 1979), or a lab test showing proof of immunity to the measles (rubeola). For more information, please visit Immunization Requirements.

If you are not sure if you have had the MMR vaccination, lost proof of the vaccination, or may have had the disease and therefore are immune, you can also come into the ASU Health Service lab and get a simple blood test to confirm your immunity, no appointment is necessary. The results are usually ready in less than 24 hours.

The Proof of MMR form mentioned above needs to be sent directly to ASU Health Services at the contact information below:

ASU Health Service
ATTN: Immunization Department
P.O. Box 872104
Tempe, Arizona 85287-2104
Office Phone: 480-965-3349
Fax number: 480-965-8914