Online classes extended through end of spring semester; teleworking established as priority

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Online classes extended through end of spring semester; teleworking established as priority

March 16, 2020

With new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Arizona Department of Health Services, ASU has made the decision to extend online classes through the end of the spring semester.

We are already in this mode and off to a great start with more than 14,000 classes being offered online. Details on continued online instruction for students will be communicated by faculty directly to students.

University housing will remain open for those who must stay and essential services will continue to be provided to students who remain with us on campus.

Although this shift in learning has been extended, the university continues to remain open. This includes computer labs, libraries, food service, health clinics, counseling services, research labs and all other aspects of the university.

The university has already canceled all public events on campus that are not directly related to the teaching and research mission of the university.

Teleworking established as first choice for as many as possible

The pace of COVID–19 transmission across the country demands that we move faster to assure social distancing in alignment with public health direction for reducing the rate of virus spread.

While the university remains open, we are moving to an even more aggressive remote work protocol:

  • Telework is now the first choice and priority for as many employees as possible. In other words, employees should be on site only when performing tasks that are (1) critical to the functioning of the university as authorized by your appropriate vice president/dean and (2) unable to be accomplished remotely.
  • Each vice president/dean should immediately reassess the designation of employees as required to be on site.

We understand that there is work that absolutely must be done on site. Given this unprecedented situation we are asking all of our vice presidents/deans to identify those employees who need to be here. We will follow social distancing procedures and do our best to minimize exposure.  

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Any employees whose regular work can only be done on site, as determined by their vice president/dean, but is not critical in the present situation, would continue in pay status until otherwise informed. This is done with the understanding that we may need to bring them back in or ask them to take on new or different duties as our response to the COVID–19 pandemic evolves.

For those employees who remain working on site, the following guidelines apply and will be determined in partnership with the vice president/dean.

Establish flexible work schedules for staff where possible to reduce the number of people working near one another at the same time.

  • Implement reasonable social distancing practices to reduce the close contact in the workplace.
  • Transition all meetings to phone or virtual formats. 
  • These protocols will stay in place until further notice. 

Posted: March 16, 2020, at 3:27 p.m.