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Zachary Van Tol

Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff facilitates effective communication, advocacy, and action within the office of
the GPSA President at Arizona State University.

Zachary Van Tol is a proud Virginia Tech alum, and hopes to utilize his past leadership
experiences to advance GPSA's 2022-2023 initiatives. As an interdisciplinary scholar in the
School of Sustainability, Zach's research explores how culture and narrative impact climate-risk mitigation among vulnerable communities.


Germaine Koziarski

Chief Administrator

The Chief Administrator is responsible for assisting the GPSA Assembly President. This includes setting up monthly Assembly Meetings, planning Assembly events, coordinating meetings between the Office of the Assembly President and other GPSA departments, and any other tasks deemed necessary by the Assembly President.

Germaine Koziarski (she/her) is a doctoral student in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College (MLFTC). Prior to studying at ASU, she taught elementary special education in Las Vegas. Her research interests include inequities within special education, student behavior and teacher discipline practices in the classroom, and the intersections of race and disability.


Farah Najar Arevalo

Assembly President

The AP Chairs the Assembly (the legislative branch of GPSA) through monthly meetings, serves as a liaison of the Assembly and the Executive Committee, oversees GPSA representation at orientations, oversees assembly members accountability, oversees GPSAs Summer Operations, chairs the Office of the Assembly President team and is tasked to propose an equitable, sustainable and functional seat allocation where graduate students are represented in the Assembly.

Farah Najar Arevalo is pursuing a doctoral degree in Innovation in Global Development at ASU’s School for the Future of Innovation in Society. She is also an Instructor at ASU’s Interplanetary Initiative. Previous to grad school, Farah worked at a non-profit and within state government in Jalisco, Mexico, where she is from.

Questions about the assembly? Email Farah at

Aaron Cromar

Aaron Cromar

GPSA Assembly Parliamentarian/Secretary

This position works as a junior Ranking Member of the Office of the Assembly President (OAP), Chairman of the GPSA Assembly's Government Operations Committee, and as a Member of the GPSA Assembly's Assembly Operations Committee.

Aaron Cromar is a doctoral candidate in the Edson College Nursing and Health Innovation. His research focuses on the connectivity between technology use and suicide-related behaviors in U.S. adolescents and young adults. Aaron completed graduate work at Gonzaga University, earning a Masters of Art in Organizational Leadership, specializing in Integrating Technology, Learning, and Psychology. He completed his undergraduate work at the University of Utah with dual Bachelors of Science degrees in Political Science and Sociology with minor emphases in Criminology & Deviant Behavior, Economics, History, Classical Civilizations, and Geography. He also attended a variety of executive-level or certificate courses at Harvard University, Stanford University, MIT, and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Zaellotius WilsonZee

Zee Wilson

Assembly President Pro Tempore

The Assembly President Pro Tempore is part of the Office of the Assembly President. This position oversees the GSO Funding Committee, which supports graduate student organizations across ASU. In addition, this position supports and assists the Assembly President at Assembly Meetings and with their agenda.

Zee Wilson is a doctoral student in Design, Environment and the Arts. Her research interests include medieval insects and the arts, medieval female patronage, and Brazilian Artists' Books.

Adnan Abdullahi

Adnan Abdullahi

Director of Awards

The Director of Awards administers GPSA's award schemes aimed at recognizing outstanding graduate students and staff. In line with award administration, this position also recruits and trains graduate student reviewers to evaluate award applications.

Adnan Abdullahi is a doctoral candidate in Mechanical Engineering within the School for the Engineering of Matter Transport and Energy. Originally from Ghana, West Africa, Adnan is an avid reader of African authors and aspires to be one himself, in hopes of retelling the African story in its truest light. Adnan is a lover of long road trips and hopes to soon learn the fundamentals of camping.

KennethRex NDukaife

Kennethrex Ndukaife

GPSA Director of Innovation Fellowships

The Director will lead the Special Projects Committee in soliciting, reviewing, and monitoring
applications and projects associated with the Innovation Fellows Program. This position helps to increase the participation of students in GPSA programs and enhance the graduate and
professional student overall experience at ASU.

Kennethrex Ndukaife is a doctoral student in the department of Electrical Engineering under the DEFECT Laboratory at the Engineering Research Center at ASU, where he is pursuing ground-breaking research that will benefit the semiconductor, photovoltaics and device manufacturing industry by significantly reducing cost of key components.

Kelsey Vourazeris

Kelsey Vourazeris

Director of Events

This position is in charge of implementing large, fun, social events for all graduate students at

Kelsey Vourazeris is a Business Administration major with a focus in Agribusiness. She is a business professional and graduate student who is a strong analytical thinker with a history of achieving team goals, developing projects, and collaborating effectively across departments. Outside of her studies, she loves to make friends and engage in conversation wherever she goes.


Pooja Chitre

Director of International Student Affairs

The Director of International Student Affairs is focused on creating an environment of care, cohesion, and support for the international student body at Arizona State University. The Director, along with the International Student Affairs Committee, will work closely with the International Students and Scholars Center (ISSC), other GPSA Offices, International Student Organizations, ASU Administration and other relevant actors to advocate for international student issues and needs; and plan and execute events and service.

Pooja is a third year doctoral student from India studying science and technology studies at Arizona State University. Her research intersects at public health, policy informatics, governance and organization studies. Her current work involves examining health information infrastructures like data commons and online peer health platforms.


Richard Hauck

Director of Sustainability

This position works to provide programming support to the University through collaboration with university-wide, local, state, and national sustainability initiatives. The ultimate goal is to
establish a sustainability plan to encourage student sustainability efforts and projects to reduce waste on campus in collaboration with ASU’s Sustainability Plan.

Richard Hauck is a Phoenix local who grew up in Maryvale Village. He holds a B.S. in Science Ecology & the Human Environment from Antioch University and is currently pursuing a Master of Sustainability Solutions & Master of Urban & Environmental Planning at ASU.

Fatima Hafsa

Director of Communications

The Director of Communications serves as the liaison between GPSA Directors or Assembly Members who request communication publications and the rest of the GPSA PR Team. The Director of Communications manages the PR Team's long-term marketing strategy.

Ndey Bassin Jobe

Director of Marketing

The Director of Marketing is a member of the GPSA PR Team. They are responsible for producing and distributing digital creative materials for marketing GPSA events, initiatives, and programs.

Aishwarya Patwardhan

Director of Media

The Director of Media is a member of the GPSA PR Team. This position oversees GPSA’s external communications, primarily on our social media platforms, as well as assisting with marketing efforts for all GPSA offices.

Martin Cordova-Paredes

Campus Directors of Outreach-Downtown

Directors of Outreach act as a liaison between GPSA and graduate students at the Downtown campus. This position requires planning events that engage students on the Downtown campus, regularly visiting the Graduate Student Center, and connecting with the campus’ Dean of Students.

Christian Cebuhar

Campus Directors of Outreach-Poly

Directors of Outreach act as a liaison between GPSA and graduate students at the Downtown campus. This position requires planning events that engage students on the Downtown campus, regularly visiting the Graduate Student Center, and connecting with the campus’ Dean of Students.

Aanchal Bhushan

Campus Directors of Outreach-West

Directors of Outreach act as a liaison between GPSA and graduate students at the Downtown campus. This position requires planning events that engage students on the Downtown campus, regularly visiting the Graduate Student Center, and connecting with the campus’ Dean of Students.

Adnan Abdullahi

Director of International Student Affairs

The Director of International Student Affairs focuses on addressing international student needs by meeting with the International Student Coalition, ASU administration, and collaborating with other GPSA offices to include international students in programming, events, and other initiatives.

Alexis Faison

Alexis Faison

Director of Wellness

The Director of Wellness is dedicated to GPSA's continued outreach and advocacy related to wellness topics including sexual violence, mental health, exercise, and health concerns. This
position engages in original programming around wellness issues and is a liaison between
GPSA and other areas of the university, representing graduate student concerns as related to
wellness issues.

Alexis Duckett Faison is a Counseling Psychology doctoral student at ASU. Her clinical interests include working with transition-aged youth and adult populations with a variety of presenting concerns in both community and university college settings. Her research focuses on ethnic/racial identity development and minority mental health, with emphasis on the Black

Diana Madril

Director of Student Services

The Director of Student Services is responsible for overseeing efforts related to childcare and student parent support and food insecurity. Each year, the Director of Student Services will also select another area of focus based on the evolving needs of graduate and professional students.