National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations Council (NALFO)


The National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations (NALFO) serves as the governing body for the historically Latino/a fraternities and sororities at Arizona State University. Established in 1998 to promote the advancement of Latino/a fraternities and sororities, the first local NALFO council was piloted at Arizona State University in 2003. NALFO’s purpose is to promote and foster positive interfraternal relations, communication, and development of Latino/a fraternal organizations through mutual respect, leadership, honesty, professionalism and education.

For more information explore the Greek Life Guidebook

NALFO Officers

Position Name Chapter Affiliation Email
Chair Angela Gomez Gamma Alpha Omega nalfo.chair@gmail.com
Vice Chair Dayana Lopez Gamma Alpha Omega nalfo.vicechair@gmail.com
Director of Administration Noehmi Garcia Lambda Theta Nu nalfo.administration@gmail.com
Director of Public Relations Luisa Valenzuela Lambda Theta Nu nalfo.pr@gmail.com
Director of Finance Enrique Garcia Lambda Sigma Upsilon nalfo.finance@gmail.com
Academic Chair Justin Torres Lambda Sigma Upsilon nalfo.academics@gmail.com
Activities Chair Yarie Gill Gamma Alpha Omega nalfo.activities@gmail.com
Community Service Chair Nathalya Galvez Kappa Delta Chi nalfo.communityservice@gmail.com

NALFO Chapters

Signature Events
  • Cultural Greek Open House - an opportunity to meet and learn more about the fraternities and sororities of the MGC, NALFO, and NPHC councils. Each organizations will be there to share information about their fraternity or sorority and to provide information on how to join. The organizations will also be showcasing their traditions of stepping, strolling, or saluting.
    • August 31, 2022, 6:30 pm., Student Pavilion Senita Ballroom
  • NALFO Welcome Back BBQ - a cookout held near the beginning of the fall semester. The BBQ allows for members of the NALFO organizations to meet with and foster relationships with students interested in learning more about NALFO in a fun and laid back atmosphere.
  • NALFO National Day of Service - an annual program in which NALFO organizations across the country participate in community service projects with the goal to foster collaboration and to make a meaningful collective impact on the community.

How to Join

For information about NALFO recruitment/intake, please visit the How to Join page