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Explore ways to support your Sun Devil’s success, inside and outside the classroom. Get insights on ASU academic resources, student engagement opportunities and more.

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Student Success

How to support your ASU student in selecting the right major

Many ASU students change their majors at least once before graduation. Find out how the university can help you and your Sun Devil with one of the more challenging aspects of college — finding a major that matches the student's talents, interests and career goals.

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Transitions: The sophomore slump

When students make the transition to the second year of college, it can lead to the sophomore slump. For some, that's where the novelty of college has worn off and they feel less satisfied with the experience. Our panel of ASU Psychology faculty members provides tips on how students can avoid this slump and how families can support them through it.


Transitions: The First Year of College

The ASU Family Connection Transitions series continues with a look at the first year of college and the adjustments that Sun Devils and family members can expect. Sun Devil parent Calvin Emanuel and Psychology Professor Leah Doane look at some of the growing pains students may face in the first year and how family members can support their growth.


Transitions: Upper-division students at ASU

While the transition to upper-division levels in college can be exciting, students often start to feel additional pressure due to more complicated projects and highly focused courses. Three ASU Psychology Department faculty members discuss what Sun Devils can expect in the upper-division years and point out some resources to help them succeed.


Exploring ASU’s support for students with disabilities

ASU Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services, formerly known as the Disability Resource Center, provides many types of support for ASU students with accessibility needs. Executive Director Dr. Lance Harrop explores how Sun Devils advocate for themselves to make greater use of accessibility services and how you can support this.


Why ASU students study abroad and how it impacts them

Whether it was learning to speak Chinese in Shanghai, helping the indigenous people in rural Peru, or exploring the diverse culture in South Africa, six ASU Study Abroad students have one thing in common: studying abroad changed them in positive ways and helped set them up for success.


What to expect when your ASU student decides to Study Abroad

ASU’s Assistant Vice Provost of Academic and Global Engagement Jennifer Malerich discusses the many different types of Study Abroad programs, the positive impact of global learning, and how Sun Devil family members can support their students in applying for and completing a program.


Perfect match: The ASU Mobile App and your Sun Devil

Explore the many uses for the ASU Mobile App for Sun Devils, ranging from downloading free tickets for home athletic events to connecting with study buddies in class to checking intercampus shuttle schedules.


First-Year Success: How coaches help ASU students navigate the transition to college

How will your ASU student navigate the transition to college during their first year? Panelists from the ASU First-Year Success Center look at some of the common obstacles students face during the first year and how peer coaches can help them succeed.


Inside ASU Podcast: Get the inside scoop from Sun Devils Molly and Ben

Few ASU students know more about the ins and outs of campus life than Molly and Ben, two Sun Devils who have provided insights on a wide variety of university topics with their Inside ASU Podcast. Learn more about the podcast, get some student-to-family advice and more.


How ASU tutoring and academic success programs boost Sun Devils

At the end of the semester when final exams are looming, it’s the perfect time for ASU students to reach out to University Academic Success Programs for help. Two peer tutoring pros discuss UASP resources and how family members can support their students ahead of finals.