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First-Year Families

Get tools and tips on adapting to classes, living on campus, making new friends and more to help support your Sun Devil’s new chapter at ASU.

Exploring ASU’s support for students with disabilities

ASU Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services, formerly known as the Disability Resource Center, provides many types of support for ASU students with accessibility needs. Executive Director Dr. Lance Harrop explores how Sun Devils advocate for themselves to make greater use of accessibility services and how you can support this.

First-Year Success: How coaches help ASU students navigate the transition to college

How will your ASU student navigate the transition to college during their first year? Panelists from the ASU First-Year Success Center look at some of the common obstacles students face during the first year and how peer coaches can help them succeed.

Transitions: The first year on campus at ASU

When students begin their first year on campus at ASU, they are adjusting to college life and often living away from home for the first time. ASU's Director of Residential Life and a Sun Devil dad discuss the challenges that often come in the first year, and the many resources the university provides to help students make a successful transition.

Transitions: The First Year of College

The ASU Family Connection Transitions series continues with a look at the first year of college and the adjustments that Sun Devils and family members can expect. Sun Devil parent Calvin Emanuel and Psychology Professor Leah Doane look at some of the growing pains students may face in the first year and how family members can support their growth.

Transitions: International students

Two Sun Devil parents and ASU's director of residential life explore the transition of international students in the first year of college. In this ASU Family Connection video, the panel looks at the challenges new international students often face, what families and students can expect, the resources available at ASU and more.