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Get advice and tips for supporting your Sun Devil from the ASU Family Connection

The video series provides parents and caregivers within the ASU community the opportunity to hear from university experts, students and other family members about ways to support their student’s success from move-in through graduation.


2019-2020 Highlights


Creating your own ASU experience as a family member

ASU Family Programs Director Kellyn Johnson joins a pair of Sun Devil family members to explore the many opportunities for engagement and involvement for families to help them build their own experience with ASU.



The Inside ASU Podcast: Molly and Ben provide tips for Sun Devils

Few ASU students know more about the ins and outs of campus life than Molly and Ben, two Sun Devils who provide insights on a wide variety of university topics with their Inside ASU Podcast. Molly and Ben chat about the podcast and offer advice for ASU families and students.



Why ASU Sun Devils study abroad and how it impacts them

Whether it was learning to speak Chinese in Shanghai, helping indigenous people in rural Peru or exploring culture in South Africa, the Study Abroad experiences of six ASU students had a profound impact on them. (Part 2 of 2)



How to support your ASU student in selecting the right major

Many ASU students change majors at least once before graduation. Find out how the university can help you and your student with a challenging aspect of college — finding a major that matches your student's talents, interests and career goals.



What to expect when your ASU student chooses Study Abroad

How can you support your Sun Devil in planning for and taking part in a Study Abroad program? Part 1 of our Family Connection chat on ASU Study Abroad with Interim Director Jennifer Malerich answers this question and much more.



How to support your student in persisting and solving problems

ASU students are very resilient when it comes to overcoming the occasional obstacles of college life. Explore how you can support your Sun Devils in solving problems when they arise.




A full archive of ASU Family Connection videos is available on YouTube.



Sun Devil Spotlight: The Vrba family

Hailing from Geneva, a small city west of Chicago, the Vrba family owns and operates a nursing home and rehabilitation center called Burgess Healthcare Center in Westmont, Ill. In addition, the Sun Devil parents have been part of the Leadership Council for the Sun Devil Family Association since fall 2018.

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