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Get advice and tips for supporting your Sun Devil from the ASU Family Connection

The video series provides parents and caregivers within the ASU community the opportunity to hear from university experts, students and other family members about ways to support their student’s success from move-in through graduation.


2019-2020 Highlights


How to support your student in persisting and solving problems

ASU students are very resilient when it comes to overcoming the occasional obstacles of college life. Explore how you can support your Sun Devils in solving problems when they arise.



How to help your student prepare for — and persist through — homesickness

When students move away from home for the first time and start college, they may experience occasional homesickness. As a parent, how do you recognize the signs and help your Sun Devil through this? ASU's Dr. Aaron Krasnow explores this college parenting topic.




Perfect match: The ASU Mobile App and your Sun Devil

Explore the many uses for the ASU Mobile App for Sun Devils, ranging from downloading free tickets for home athletic events to connecting with study buddies in class to checking intercampus shuttle schedules.



First-Year Success: How coaches help ASU students navigate the transition to college

Incoming ASU students have a cheerleader, connector and catalyst rolled into one with First-Year Success Center peer coaches. Ellie Yamamoto discusses how she helps students navigate the transition to college.



A full archive of ASU Family Connection videos is available on YouTube.



Sun Devil Spotlight: The Vrba family

Hailing from Geneva, a small city west of Chicago, the Vrba family owns and operates a nursing home and rehabilitation center called Burgess Healthcare Center in Westmont, Ill. In addition, the Sun Devil parents have been part of the Leadership Council for the Sun Devil Family Association since fall 2018.

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