Building family community, supporting student success

ASU Family is deeply committed to providing students every opportunity for success and growth throughout their college experience. Through the generosity of our donors, ASU Family supports a number of programs designed to promote student retention and persistence to graduation. Gifts to the ASU Family fund advance scholarships, free tutoring for all students, a free Thanksgiving dinner for those who can’t go home for the holiday, support for former foster care students, and the Student Crisis Fund.

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Emergency Crisis Fund

As part of its effort to keep students in school, ASU Family provides funds for short-term emergencies. Administered by the university dean of students on all four campuses, the resources are intended to provide relief and support to ASU students in the most dire of need.



Our Impact

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Free Tutoring

ASU Family also provides an excellent employment opportunity for high-performing students to become certified tutors. University Academic Support Programs offers a tutoring training program that helps tutors learn course material in-depth and build their résumés for graduate school or future employment. ASU Family is proud to have funded more than 4,500 hours of free tutoring, not only assisting thousands of students but also helping to support student workers who tutor at student success centers.

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ASU Family administers a scholarship program as part of its commitment to support student success. Through the generous support of donors like you, ASU Family is able to award multiple scholarships of $5,000 each academic year. These scholarships — awarded to individuals who demonstrate financial need, a record of community service and a commitment to their education despite challenging circumstances — help scores of students pay for school each year.

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Thanksgiving Dinner

If your student is unable to travel home for the Thanksgiving holiday, Off-Campus Student Services, in partnership with ASU Family, will make sure he or she enjoys a free Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings. A traditional meal in a warm, family-style environment is provided — complete with leftovers.


Meet ASU Family Scholars

Tyrail Smith

“My dream, right now, is to go back to my community and become a community action worker, or even a teacher. Overall, I just want to make my community better than it is now.”

—Tyrail Smith

Liliana Valdivia

“I chose to become a forensic scientist mainly because I like the challenge. I like the idea that I can bring justice to families in need.”

—Liliana Valdivia

Romonte Moore

“My dad sparked my interest in electrical engineering by telling me stories of Nikola Tesla. I admire him and I want to finish some of his projects so I decided to become an electrical engineer to complete that goal.”

—Romonte Moore