Notetaking Services

Notetaking Services

Note-taking services are available to ensure equal access to in-class information for qualified students with disabilities. The DRC will provide independent contract note-takers (students already taking the course for credit) a stipend of $25 per credit hour (if preferred) or a letter of commendation. Note-taking services must be recommended and authorized by a DRC Disability Access Consultant (DAC).

Note-taking Request Process

To request note-taking accommodations, students need to log into DRC Connect each semester to submit their request.  Once the request has been submitted, the student's DAC will send an accommodation letter regarding the approved accommodations to each faculty the student has for their classes. 

If the student is approved for note-taking in the classroom, the letter will include information about a note-taker and a request to make an announcement about the need. The faculty will make an announcement or send a notice out requesting students sign up to be a note-taker.  This may be repeated to identify a note-taker.  If no note-taker volunteers or signs up, the DRC will ask the student if they know anyone in class that may be willing to take notes.  If the student registered with the DRC provides any names of individuals from the class, the DRC will reach out to recruit them to sign up as a note-taker.

If no note-taker is identified and no other alternatives are reasonable (including smart pens or other software solutions), the DRC will post a paid position and hire a student staff to work as a note-taker for the course.

These processes will be done on a case-by-case and course-by-course basis to ensure students have access to course information and materials.  The student can discuss any concerns and together with the DAC, reasonable alternatives to note-taking accommodations can be determined.