Disability Resource Center

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DART Guidelines

DART Guidelines

Operating Hours are 7:10 – 6:45 Monday thru Friday

DART services, a service of the Disability Resource Center on the Tempe campus, operates on a scheduled, shared-ride basis. Services are available to students, staff, and faculty of the university who have a medically documented temporary or permanent mobility disability which limits the ability to walk prescribed distances.

Eligibility: All participants with a temporary or permanent mobility disability who are not currently registered for other DRC services are required to provide contact information, doctor’s name and office fax number of their treating physician at the time of registration for services.

  • A DRC Medical Verification Form will be faxed to your physician for completion.
  • All verification forms will be returned by fax from your doctor’s office and must be done within 5 business days of registration. You will be contacted by e-mail if it has not been received by the deadline.
  • Doctor’s prescriptions or ER discharge papers are not accepted as a form of medical documentation.
  • Those requiring less than 5 continuous days of services do not require medical documentation. Services will not be extended beyond the 5th day without medical documentation.

Service Limits and Restrictions: This service operates at near or above capacity every semester. In order to make services available to as many qualified participants, there are limits to what type of rides we offer.

  • All rides are for the registered participant only. You will have to make other arrangements if you require someone to assist with your books, supplies, etc.
  • Regularly scheduled rides are for class and laboratory purposes only. The rides will consist of on-campus pick-up and returns from on-campus housing, parking, ASU inter-campus shuttles and public transportation locations only.
  • Your meal plan is good at all on campus food services. Those needing to get food when there is a break of 90 minutes or less between classes, will be taken to the MU. We do not provide service between residence halls for meals. (Considerations can be made under specific circumstances and are to be arranged with the program supervisor only).
  • For those who have a break between classes and want to return to your residence hall or parking lot. There must be a minimum 90 minute break between the scheduled time of your pick-up from the previous class to your residence hall to what would be the scheduled “lead” time to be pick-up from your residence hall to your next class. As an option we can take you to and pick you up from the MU, libraries, or the location of the next class.
  • DRC carts are not equipped to transport wheelchairs. Those with crutches, walkers, tri-wheeled push scooters must carry that equipment within the confines of your seated area. Equipment cannot take up space that would prevent someone else from occupying the adjacent seat. All equipment must be contained within and no part should extend outside of the cart.
  • Any requested additional rides outside of the regular schedule are subject to availability based on time and seat availability.
  • Student athletes- We do not provide rides to/from practices or practice facilities.
  • We do not service the entire ASU Tempe campus. For information on our operational boundaries, refer to our service map.

No-Show and Cancellations: Participants are required to call this office if not attending a particular class or not needing rides for that day.

  • Fail to call or miss rides for 2 consecutive days - Services cancelled permanently.
  • Fail to call and miss your first ride of the day - All rides cancelled for the remainder of that day.
  • Develop a pattern of being late for rides - Services cancelled permanently.

Ride Scheduling: Due to certain circumstances, all ride schedules are subject to time adjustments. If the changes affect your schedule, you will be notified by e-mail.


*Any requirements for disabled parking arrangements are done through ASU Parking and Transit Services.*