Equipment Loan & Check-out

Equipment Loan & Check-out

Qualified students with disabilities may be eligible to check out adaptive equipment from the Disability Resource Center (DRC). Students must provide required disability documentation to the DRC. The assigned DRC Disability Access Consultant will evaluate the documentation and verify eligibility.

Equipment available for checkout is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Availability of equipment may vary depending on the campus. Items include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Portable amplification systems
  • Optical microscopes with closed-circuit enlargers
  • Closed-circuit, visual enhancement equipment
  • Headmaster alternative keyboard support
  • Talking calculators Roadrunners (e-text readers)
  • CD/MP3s (audio players)
  • Daisy digital audio players

Students checking out equipment are responsible for the care and security of equipment during the loan period, including battery replacement in battery-operated equipment. Lost, stolen, or damaged equipment must be reported to the Disability Resource Center immediately. Police reports must be filed for stolen equipment.

Before receiving equipment, students must sign an Equipment Loan Program form. The length of checkout varies according to the type of adaptive equipment, student need, and equipment demand. The equipment loan agreement specifies a return date. Failure to meet the return deadline will result in a claim being filed with Student Judicial Affairs. Course registration, grade reports, and permission to graduate will be put on administrative hold until borrowed equipment is returned.

To request availability of equipment please contact the DRC on the campus where your classes are being taught.