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Arizona State University is committed to ensuring that every student is given the opportunity to achieve at their optimum. This commitment is reinforced through specific and general policies that serve as our community agreement to respect, support, and protect every student’s right to a safe and secure learning environment. As a member of the ASU community, we expect that you are familiar with and abide by these policies.

Student Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct is a set of specific policies set by ASU and the Arizona Board of Regents. It includes policies about behavioral expectations, due process, student rights, confidentiality and participation in governance.

Student Services Manual

The ASU student services manual serves as the official repository for all campus-wide policies; provides resource links to campus department- and unit-specific policies, as well as links to the university-wide policies.

University Housing Student Handbook

Students who live on campus are expected to familiarize themselves with the policies and expectations of University Housing. The University Housing student handbook includes behavioral expectations and residential policies that ensures that all students have a safe and satisfactory on-campus living experience.