What you learn

What you learn

Students who participate in Devils 4 Devils will learn to:

  • Recognize signs and symptoms of mental health distress
  • Improve their ability to support fellow students in the moment
  • Improve confidence in reaching out.  We don’t have to be bystanders anymore!
  • Refine and enhance their leadership capabilities

Devils 4 Devils offers training designed for 3 levels of interest:

Video on the importance of emotional wellbeing (4 minute video).  This video explains the importance of emotional wellbeing in a collegiate community and offers brief informaition about:

  1. Signs of distress.
  2. Ways to help.

Devils 4 Devils Curriculum Canvas Course (40-minute video curriculum) help us build a safe, caring, and empathic ASU Community where students feel comfortable discussing mental health, offering support and seeking help. You will learn about:

  1. The internal experience of mental health by examining the national mental health landscape of college students, how to recognize signs of mental distress, and ways to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.
  2. Reducing loneliness in college by moving beyond your inner circle, identifying loneliness, and connecting with others to build your own community within and outside of ASU.
  3. Building your best you by identifying strategies for managing well-being in college.
  4. How empathy is the foundation for connection and feeling safe, seen and heard by others through exploring the different types of empathy and the dynamics of empathy.
  5. The 4 key elements of the Roadmap of Support for helping a friend and guiding them through additional support and resources for their mental health.
  6. What the Roadmap of Support looks like in action.

If you are not affiliated with ASU and would like access to the course, please complete the Devils 4 Devils Video Interest Form

Empathy and Creating a Caring Community (1-hour training).  This training is open to any registered ASU student who is interested. Primary goals will be to:

  1. Learn about mental health and signs of distress.
  2. Understand the role of empathy in helping others.
  3. Develop and hone empathic responses as a helper.

To request a training, complete the Devils 4 Devils Training Request Form.