What you learn

What you learn

Students who participate in Devils 4 Devils will learn to:

  • Recognize signs and symptoms of mental health distress
  • Improve their ability to support fellow students in the moment
  • Improve confidence in reaching out.  We don’t have to be bystanders anymore!
  • Refine and enhance their leadership capabilities

Devils 4 Devils offers training designed for four levels of interest:

Video on the importance of emotional wellbeing (4 minute video).  This video explains the importance of emotional wellbeing in a collegiate community and offers brief informaition about:

  1. Signs of distress.
  2. Ways to help.

General Helping Skills (2-hour training).  This training is open to any registered ASU student who is interested. Primary goals will be to:

  1. Learn about mental health and signs of distress.
  2. Develop and hone skills as a helper.

Leadership Training (2 ½ hour training).  This is provided for students who hold, or wish to someday hold, a leadership role in any capacity at ASU.  Primary goals will be to:

  1. Learn about mental health and signs of distress in individuals and in groups.
  2. Develop and hone skills as a helper.
  3. Learn ways to build and sustain emotionally healthy communities and teams.

Devils 4 Devils Care Squad Training for students interested in being in an active role in teaching, mentoring, and serving individuals and groups of students.  To become a member of the Care Squad requires 6 hours of intensive training. Following training, Care Squad members will not only develop all of the skills outlined in the trainings above, they will also be able to provide enhanced support for fellow Sun Devils in the form of self-designed programming. Many Care Squad members have impacted their communities by:

  1. Teaching Devils 4 Devils General Helping and/or Leadership training
  2. Creating peer-led drop-in support group
  3. Providing workshops on emotional health topics for residence hall floors and student organization
  4. Starting student organizations focused on emotional health

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