What you learn

What you learn

Students who participate in Devils 4 Devils will learn to:

  • Recognize signs and symptoms of mental health distress
  • Improve their ability to support fellow students in the moment
  • Improve confidence in reaching out.  We don’t have to be bystanders anymore!
  • Refine and enhance their leadership capabilities

Devils 4 Devils offers training designed for 2 levels of interest:

Video on the importance of emotional wellbeing (4 minute video).  This video explains the importance of emotional wellbeing in a collegiate community and offers brief informaition about:

  1. Signs of distress.
  2. Ways to help.

Empathy and Creating a Caring Community (1-hour training).  This training is open to any registered ASU student who is interested. Primary goals will be to:

  1. Learn about mental health and signs of distress.
  2. Understand the role of empathy in helping others.
  3. Develop and hone empathic responses as a helper.

To learn more and receive training, email Caroline Monica.